Swagelok Tank Blanketing Pressure Regulators—RHPS Series

Swagelok Northern California Resource Collections 440x340 (3) (1)-1Tank blanketing, also known as padding, is the introduction of an inert gas into the vapor space of a storage tank. It is required where pressure-tight tanks are used for storage, such as in pharmaceutical, biochemical, electronics, sanitary, and waste water treatment industries. 

Benefits can includes longer shelf life and tank corrosion prevention, improved safety, and compliance with environmental standards.

Swagelok's RHPS Series features pressure reducing models; vapor recovery models; 1/2, 1,2 in. end connections; working pressures up to 232 psig (16.0 bar); and temperatures from –4 to 212°F (–20 to 100°C).

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