How to Develop the Right Grab Sampling System for your Plant

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For plant operators, a major part of maintaining high-quality product requires that you capture representative, timely samples of process fluid for analysis. Taking quality samples can ensure that process costs stay low and helps keep metrics like OEE and uptime positive.

Yet, developing the right sampling system involves juggling many process factors, including sample pressure, temperature, phase, compatibility, and chemical composition.

Join this 30 minute (plus Q&A) tech talk to learn what it takes to develop high-performing grab sampling systems that are both standardized and configurable to the needs of your plant. After attending this tech talk, you will walk away better understanding:

  • Differences between grab sampling and online analyzers
  • Basic system design principles
  • Sample container selection
  • Standard cylinder and bottle panels
  • Cylinder design options

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About Matt Dixon, Senior Principal Design Engineer , Swagelok

Matt DixonMatt Dixon began his career with Swagelok in 1998 as an engineering co-op student. Over the first six years of his Swagelok career, he worked as an assembly, welding, and manufacturing engineer. He supported the production of high-volume fittings and various hose product lines, designing and building assembly and test equipment. In 2004, Matt joined the Custom Solutions team at Swagelok. His past hands-on experience with Swagelok products has enabled him to grow in this role into a leading integration and application expert within the Swagelok organization. Matt has extensive experience in sampling systems, including developing the grab sample module (GSM) and grab sample liquid (GSL) product lines and developing Swagelok’s ammonia sampling system.

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