How to Right Size a Pressure Regulator for Pressure and Flow

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Determining the right pressure regulator for your application can be complicated, but a little analysis can help ease the process.

This Swagelok Tech Talk continues the discussion of selecting the proper regulator for your application. Determining the right pressure regulator can be complicated, but some additional analysis can help ease the process. Swagelok Field Engineer, Brian Jalbert, will explain how to use Cv and sizing calculations to help with pressure regulator sizing and provide an in-depth dialogue on the importance of considering flow and flow curves during the selection process.

Below is a short list of topics that will be addressed:

  • Critical vs Sub-Critical Flow
  • Sizing with Cv
  • Regulator Sizing Calculation
  • Downstream Velocity
  • Swagelok Selection & Sizing Tools
  • Purging and Leak Testing
  • Bottle Regulators
  • Constant Flow / Point-of-Use
  • Variable Flow / Bulk Gas Supply

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About Brian Jalbert, Field Engineer, Swagelok Company

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Brian began his Swagelok career in the sales and service center network in 2008. He joined the Field Engineering Team in 2020. He holds a Bachelors of Science in mechanical engineering, and he is a Swagelok subject matter expert in Gas Delivery Systems (Pressure Regulator Systems), Ball Valves, Hose Products, and CNG Virtual Pipelines.

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