Tube Fitting Safety Seminar

A Swagelok training program brought to you by Swagelok Northern California

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Many pros assemble tube fittings by feel, and that usually means under-tightened connections. Systems built that way can pass initial tests just fine, but start leaking months later — impacting operations, safety, and emissions.

This two-hour session teaches techniques to prevent most leaks. It is for anyone procuring, designing, installing, inspecting, or maintaining leak-free tubing systems or components.

  • Brush up on good fabrication procedures
  • Review tube systems vs. pipe systems
  • Practice with thread sealants and lubricants
  • Includes reference materials and lunch
  • Earn the Certificate of Completion

Who can benefit

This lecture-lab for anyone who procures, designs, installs, inspects, or maintains tubing systems. Participants have included:

  • Fabricators
  • Contractors
  • Technicians
  • Engineers
  • Draftsmen
  • Quality control experts
  • Safety engineers
  • Procurement pros

Topics covered

This 2-hour session teaches techniques to prevent most leakage. Topics include:

  • Evaluating tube fitting design & function
  • Tube selection, handling & fabrication
  • Tube systems vs. pipe systems
  • Installation methods
  • Safe plumbing practices
  • Applying thread sealants & lubricants
  • Hydrostatic burst test
  • Troubleshooting exercises
  • Spotting common installation errors

Class location

Unless otherwise noted, classes are at 3393 West Warren Ave in Fremont, CA


  • One course: $149 each
  • Two courses: $129 each

Your registration fee includes: 

  • 2-hour lecture-lab
  • Swagelok-certified instructor
  • Discussion & practice
  • Certificate of completion
  • Reference materials
  • Job aids that simplify fabrication
  • Tasty lunch

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