Industrial Sampling Systems balances theory and practical examples -- making it valuable to experienced sampling system engineers, designers, and technicians.

This book is used as the main text for the Swagelok Process Analyzer Sampling System training course conducted by Tony Waters. Get details on the course hosted by Swagelok Northern California here. All course attendees receive a copy of the book.

About the author

Tony Waters is an engineer, a teacher, and a lifelong student himself. Tony founded three companies to provide specialized analyzer services to the process industries, and is an expert in the application of process analyzers in refineries and chemical plants. A frequent speaker at conferences and industry events, Tony is particularly known for his training courses. His presentations are always popular, and have equal appeal to engineers and maintenance technicians.

This book captures Tony’s style and passion for the subject, while teaching everything from the basic to the complex, for novice to expert users. So whether you are a current student, or an engineer with 30 years of experience, we’re confident you’ll find value in this book.

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