Industrial Sampling Systems Book

Order this popular book by Tony Waters, published by Swagelok Company (744 pages, $320)

Industrial Sampling Systems

Tony Waters and Swagelok have published a comprehensive book covering the engineering involved with designing and operating a sampling system for a process analyzer. Preview it here.

    • Introduction to sampling
    • Principles of system design
    • Sample transport lines
    • Process sampling taps
    • Preconditioning the sample
    • Controlling sample flow
    • Controlling sample pressure
    • Sample temperature control
    • Change of state
    • Sample conditioning/disposal
    • Sample isolation
    • Switching systems
    • Future of process sampling

This book has:

  • 750+ pages of full-color technical content in a hardbound cover
  • Twelve chapters and three detailed appendices
  • 1,000+ photos, tables, and drawings

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Pro tip: This book is the main text used in the Swagelok Process Analyzer Sampling System training course conducted by Tony Waters. Get details on the course hosted by Swagelok Northern California here. All course attendees receive a copy of the book.

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