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Swagelok mechanical

seal support

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Protect rotating equipment with process side plans, between seal plans, and atmospheric side plans from Swagelok

When rotating equipment fails, it’s often due to a seal failure. In fact, 40% of all unscheduled critical pump shutdowns are caused by mechanical seal failures (Grundfos). And shutdowns are often expensive.


Swagelok’s mechanical seal support systems maximize the life of mechanical seals and the reliability of rotating equipment by maintaining lubrication and pressure with properly conditioned fluid flows.

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API Plan 32_thumb

Process Side Plans

View process side plans including the API Plan 32 External Flush Assembly shown above.


API Plan 52_thumb

Between Seal Plans

View 11 between-seal plans, including the Plan 52 Plan 52 Buffer Fluid Seal Pot shown above.


API Plan 51_thumb

Atmospheric Side Plans

Click to view five plans, including the API Plan 51 Quench from Reservoir shown above.


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