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Local Gas Sampling Assembly for Fast and Reliable Procurement

Learn more about how Swagelok Northern California can support your team.

Local gas sample assembly services in Northern California

Grab sampling is a critical process in any Northern California refinery to ensure successful operations and a high-quality final product. A variety of gasses and liquids are regularly collected and evaluated to achieve the proper formulation for chemicals, fuels, and hydrocarbon byproducts. 

Gas sampling assemblies must be reliable and accurate to obtain truly representative gas samples. Malfunction of a component in a gas sampling assembly can disrupt operations, lead to costly downtime, or result in incorrectly formulated products being brought to market. When a gas sampling assembly fails to perform properly, the quicker you can obtain the replacement parts—or in the event of damage to the system, a new gas sampling assembly—the lower the cost of unplanned downtime.

Fast Procurement Minimizes Unplanned Downtime

The most critical factor in remedying problems with gas sampling assemblies is the ability to quickly procure the parts or assemblies you need. There’s no better solution than a local grab sampling systems vendor like Swagelok with an extensive inventory of parts, fluid systems engineers experienced in all facets of grab sampling system design, and certified technicians who can fabricate and thoroughly test gas sampling assemblies prior to delivery. 

Parts and Services To Keep You Operating

For more than five decades, Swagelok has been serving the grab sampling system needs of Northern California refineries. As a local vendor, Swagelok is able to help refineries with gas sampling assembly procurement in the following ways:

  • We maintain a multimillion-dollar inventory of parts and components inventory across our facilities in Concord, Fremont, and Santa Clara. With this extensive inventory, you can obtain parts and components to fix or replace malfunctioning gas sampling assemblies without delay. There’s no need to wait for parts to be shipped from across the globe.
Swagelok Northern California maintains inventory of parts and components.

  • Experienced field engineers who can consult with you onsite and advise on the best component options and designs if you’re currently baffled by problems with gas sampling systems. In many cases, a recommendation such as using QTM2 Quick Connects to facilitate more efficient sample cylinder connections and disconnection is all that’s needed. In more complex gas sample assembly issues, a Field Engineer may provide detailed engineering drawings for the recommended solution. Our Field Engineers are also available for phone, email, and virtual consultations.
Swagelok Northern California has a team of experienced field engineers.

  • Certified technicians in our Northern California facilities have the tools and skills to take an engineering drawing and quickly fabricate the custom gas sampling assembly. With Swagelok’s local expertise and resources, we can quickly deliver the solutions, eliminating procurement delays associated with vendors who lack a local presence. 
Swagelok Northern California has a team of certified technicians.

  • Swagelok Quality System is based on ISO 9001 standards and applies clear and measurable objectives for employee training, equipment maintenance, and quality control processes. This unique approach encourages productive employees, and most importantly, consistent quality of the services and products we deliver.
  • Swagelok’s industry-leading Limited-Lifetime Warranty—non-electrical components shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the products—is additional confirmation of Swagelok quality and reliability.

Swagelok: Local, Reliable, And Responsive

With a local presence for more than five decades, in-depth knowledge of the grab sampling requirements of Northern California refineries, and a team of experienced Field Engineers and certified technicians, Swagelok is well prepared to meet your procurement needs for gas sampling assemblies and components. Whether you need a replacement for a high-pressure hose transporting gas from process to sampling station, additional sample cylinders to accommodate more frequent sampling schedules or a better design for a gas sampling assembly, Swagelok can quickly address all your procurement needs, quickly and reliably.

To learn more about Swagelok Northern California and our commitment to assist Northern California refineries in designing, fabricating, testing, and delivering gas sampling assemblies that are efficient and reliable, contact our team today by calling 510-933-6200.

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