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Grab Sampling Systems

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Grab Sampling System Support

We offer comprehensive local grab sampling support. As a customer of Swagelok Northern California, you can have us:


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Local certified associates help assess requirements, taking into account key issues such as time delay, phase change issues, and other common sample system errors.


We present the best-value option to ensure a safe, simple way to safely collect samples—and keep them in their representative state for analysis.


Using our standard panel designs as a platform, our certified local engineer works with you to configure the system. This step includes tailoring to your unique needs.


Local technicians who undergo rigorous certification every 3 years build your panels. Their work is overseen by certified engineers. Then assemblies are tested and warrantied.


Upon completion of your grab sample panels, a representative from Swagelok Northern California can provide hands-on training to your technicians on proper use and maintenance.


With 100+ local associates, we are equipped to provide an exceptional customer experience—including 24x7x365 emergency service. Your local experts are always one call away.

Benefits of local configuration

Using our standard panel designs as a platform, our certified engineers can work with your team to substitute comparable products (some limits apply); add coolers, flowmeters, shut-off valves, etc; change panel/bracket materials, enclosures, etc; convert to different tube size, or to metric; recommend alternate materials of construction; calculate flow/pressure drop then adjust; and recommend sample coolers/heaters and enclosure heaters' sizing per vendor engineering.

Benefits of local certified engineers

To ensure your grab sampling system suits the purpose, we have you work with our local Swagelok-Certified Engineer specialized in grab sampling. Temperature, pressure, phase, container type, materials, and location are just a few of the criteria they use to recommend the best solution.

Benefits of expert assembly and testing

Swagelok grab sampling systems are reliable because they are configured, assembled, and tested by experts according to strict guidelines, then tested. Every local Swagelok technician undergoes rigorous training and certification every three years. Our certified engineer monitors every step. Each GSM and GSL is shell tested, up to a maximum of 1000 psig/69 bar. (Additional testing available.) And, every Swagelok product is backed by Swagelok's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Would a Swagelok grab sampling system benefit you?

We can help you identify requirements and estimate return on investment.
They facilitated our technical and sampling method review leading up to the implemented design. Local support and 'after-sales' service is a huge advantage Swagelok offers.”

Senior Mechanical Engineer


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