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The top section of this page features the technical resources most-downloaded at our website last year. The bottom section lists more resources, in alphabetical order.

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Custom Solutions Handbook

Our team of certified assembly technicians can build assemblies or subassemblies to meet your design specifications. Download more information here.

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Hose Selection Tutorial

Get hose selection tutorials from a 20 year hose industry veteran and Swagelok hose product manager. Includes an example involving coolant transfer lines conveying dialectric media.

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Tube Fitter's Manual

This manual balances theory and practical examples -- making it a must-have reference for fluid system engineers, designers, and technicians, as well as students.

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Regulator Selection Guide

Oversizing can cause spikes in downstream pressure. Undersizing can cause faster seat erosion. This guide demystifies flow curves and helps you find the right fit.

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Steam System Success (Vol 1)

How much does steam cost you? Get this free comprehensive guide to optimizing your facility's steam system. Features actual applications and simplified estimating methods.

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Sampling Systems Book Excerpt

Each of 12 chapters covers a different aspect of a sample system. The full 744-page book costs $320 (order), but you can access a free 36-page PDF excerpt of the book here. 

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Flow Curves Article & Bulletin

Get technical information on the complexities of flow curves, including droop, seatload drop or lockup, choked flow, hysteresis, and supply pressure effect (SPE).

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Tube Fitting Safety Seminar

This 2 hour lecture-lab is for anyone procuring, designing, installing, inspecting, or maintaining leak-free tubing systems or components. Get a brochure with details.

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Tube Fittings Catalog & Guide

Here's where to get information on all types of Swagelok tube fittings, plus the Installer’s Pocket Guide for Swagelok Tube Fittings, Wall Chart, Adapter Elbows and Tees, and more.

Other downloads (alphabetical)

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Custom Solutions Handbook Get the 20-page guide to our custom solutions services.

Filters Catalogs

Hose & Flexible Tubing Catalogs

Hose Catalogs

Hose (U Series PFA) PTRs Download the Swagelok PFA Hose Product Test Reports & Catalog Excerpt

Hose (W Series PTFE) PTRs Download the Swagelok W Series PTFE Hose PTRs & Catalog Excerpt

Hose Selection Tutorial Download the Hose Selection Tutorial

Leak Prevention Catalogs Get information on Swagelok Leak Detectors, Lubricants, and Sealants

Measurement Devices Catalogs Get information on Swagelok Measurement Devices

Mini Modular Catalogs Get information on Swagelok Miniature Modular Systems

Quick Connects Catalogs Get information on Swagelok Quick-Connects

Quicklook Infographic Learn about Swageglok Northern California ina visual format

Regulator Assemblies Literature Download Regulator Assemblies Literature

Regulator (Back-Pressure) Webinar Slide Deck Download the slides and replay this webinar on back-pressure regulators

Regulator Catalogs Get information on Swagelok Pressure Regulators

Regulator Flow Curves Article & Video Get an article, technical bullletin on flattening flow curves; plus watch the video

Regulator Q&A View expert answers to webinar audience questions about proper use of a fluid system regulator

Regulator Selection Tutorial Download the guide Selection & Sizing of Pressure Reducing Regulators

Valve (Diaphragm) PTRs Download all Diaphragm Valve Catalogs & Tech Reports

Sample Cylinders Catalogs Get information on Swagelok Sample Cylinders

Steam Systems Webinar Slide Deck Get the slides and replay the webinar Steam System Reliability

Subsystems Catalogs Get information on Swagelok Pre-Engineered SubsystemsS

Subsystems Webinar Slide Deck Get the slides and replay the customer briefing

Swagelok Profile Learn about Swagelok Company, a $2B global organization

Swagelok Steel Quality Articles Download articles by Sunniva Collins

Swagelok Tube Fitting Advantage Download PDFs showing the Swagelok Tube Fitting Advantage

Tube Fittings (Vacuum) Catalog Get information on Swagelok Vacuum Fittings

Tube Fitter's Manual Download the new Swagelok Tube Fitter's Manual by Joe Callahan

Tube Fittings Catalogs Get information on Swagelok Fittings

Tube Fittings PTRs Download Swagelok Tube Fitting Product Test Reports

Tubing Tools & Accessories Get information on Swagelok Tubing Tools & Accessories

Valves Catalogs Get information on Swagelok Valves

Valve (ALD & DE) PTRs Download information on ALD and 1.125" DE Valves

Valve (DE) PTRs Download DE valve catalog & technical reports

Welding Catalogs Get information on Swagelok Welding Systems


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