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Small Bore Tubing Equals Big Savings Over Pipe

Cut installation labor costs as much as 66 percent, and save still more on operation

"Tubing is simpler, lighter, easier to install, and has fewer potential leak points; it also costs less when you factor in tools, labor, and maintenance."

- From Small Bore Tubing Solutions 

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Small Bore Tubing: Driving Down Costs

Small bore tubing equals savings - cut labor cost as much as 66% compared to installing a pipe system

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Do It Right: Proper Tube Preparation

A leak-tight connection starts with clean tubing cut to the right size

"Deciding which tubing to use depends on many factors. The key ones are the outside diameter of the tubing, the wall thickness of the tubing, and the material of the tubing and tube fittings."

- From FAQ: Which tubing should I use with Swagelok tube fittings?

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Need To Protect Shaft Seals? You'll Need A Plan, Too

API Standard 682 has plenty of plans, and Swagelok can help you navigate them

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Showtime: New Video Demonstrates Swagelok Bench Top Tube Bender

Watch and learn for useful tips on how to get top performance

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Water Cooling vs. Air Cooling For Orbital Weld Heads

Air-cooled weld heads offer many advantages, especially with the Swagelok Welding System M200 Power Supply

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Ideal Match: Orbital Welding and 316L Stainless Steel Tubing

It avoids the crevices and crevice corrosion common with mechanical couplings

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"[Swagelok] came up with a whole solution." - Former Master Technologist at HP Labs (Video)

A story from the front lines of Silicon Valley materials research

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Hose With the Strength of Steel Handles 6,000 psig (Video, Cutaway)

Why our customers use FX Series hose in high pressure corrosive environments, high-temp vacuum environments, and more

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Swagelok Publishes Updated and Revised Tube Fitter's Manual

This major new edition now available in softcover and as a free download

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