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5 Reasons Northern California Oil & Gas Companies Choose Us and You Should Too

Extraordinary corrosion resistance is just the beginning

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Praxair Stays On the Safe Side with Swagelok Products and Assembly Services

In any country and in any language, Swagelok still means safety, reliability and innovation

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"[Swagelok] came up with a whole solution." - Former Master Technologist at HP Labs (Video)

A story from the front lines of Silicon Valley materials research

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Swagelok for your Industry

Get an overview of the industries we serve, we highlight six here on our industry page,   http://northerncal.swagelok.com/industries »  

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Swagelok for the Semiconductor Industry


At Swagelok Northern California, our Semiconductor solutions offer consistent reliability and cutting-edge fluid system technology backed by time-tested technical expertise. Each product is meticulously engineered to offer security, assurance, and the extra advantage you need to push the boundaries of innovation. Get selected resources for semiconductor industry pros here »
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Swagelok for the Alternative Energy and Alternative Fuels Industries

We're helping our customers develop technologies to reduce fossil fuel dependency with new fuel cell designs, more efficient photovoltaic solar cells, and alternative fuel vehicles. Get selected resources for alternative energy pros here »

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Swagelok for the Life Sciences Industry

We provide components and services to biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology firms that help maintain a sanitary and sterile environment — yet are easy to disassemble for cleaning.  Get selected resources for Life Sciences industry pros here »

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Swagelok for The Food, Beverage, and Dairy Industry

We help companies in the food, beverage and dairy industries achieve the highest purity levels and meet the toughest sanitation requirements.  Get selected resources for Food, Beverage, Dairy industry pros here »

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Swagelok For Chemical And Petrochemical Industries

Built for extreme conditions, Swagelok® components help you optimize mission-critical processes and analytical instrumentation systems.  Get selected resources for Chemical and Petrochemical industries pros here »    

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Swagelok For The Power Industry

From nuclear to hydro-electric to thermal to cogeneration, no matter what segment of power generation you are in, Swagelok products and services are there.  Get selected resources for Power industries experts here »  

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