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Swagelok Hose Advisory Service Can Save You A Lot Of Grief

Our specialists are trained to understand why hoses fail, and to suggest the best hose for a job

"When a hose fails, and they didn't plan on that hose failing, it'll bring down their whole entire system. In some cases, their whole entire production line."

- From Hose Advisory Services Video (below)

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Tech Clip Videos: Rubber & PTFE Hose

Our bite size videos highlight two kinds of hose in only three minutes

"The right hose and end connections maximize safety and performance. The wrong ones can mean costly maintenance issues, safety risks, and slow-downs."

- From Swagelok Hose & Flexible Tubing

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Be Flexible: Hose Is Great For Many Applications

It's fast, it's flexible, and can come with a wide variety of end connections

"When you go to vacuum in the airlock and you take the hose off the front of your space suit, there's a little bit of water in there, and you can see that sublimate and ice crystals form and fly away. My thought at that moment was, 'Oh, we are not kidding at vacuum here; we are really in space"

- From Kathleen Hallisey Rubins, a NASA astronautet

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Why Hoses Fail and How You Can Prevent It

Refineries can be extra tough on hoses, so take extra care to extend useful life

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PTFE Hose Offers Unmatched Flexibility In Tight Spaces

But even PTFE has its limits, so keep the minimum bend radius in mind

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Back To Basics: Rubber Hose Gets The Job Done Simply At Lower Cost

For lower pressure and less critical applications, rubber hose is often a cost effective solution

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Find The Right Hose For The Job In Four Easy Steps

Start by selecting material for the inside layer, then work your way outward to the cover and end connections

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Hose With the Strength of Steel Handles 6,000 psig (Video, Cutaway)

Why our customers use FX Series hose in high pressure corrosive environments, high-temp vacuum environments, and more

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3 Causes of Static Discharge Disasters

Avoid these three mistakes that can lead to electrostatic build up

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Choosing Hose in 2 Minutes (Video)

A hose's looks can be deceiving: the hidden core, layers, and other factors make one right and another wrong

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