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by Jeff Hopkins, on 1/15/20 8:45 AM

We can build hose to your order right in Fremont, sometimes faster than you think "The wrong hose—or even the right hose improperly installed or used—can slow down production, and …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 9/25/19 9:00 AM

Our specialists are trained to understand why hoses fail, and to suggest the best hose for a job "When a hose fails, and they didn't plan on that hose failing, …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 8/29/19 9:00 AM

Our bite size videos highlight two kinds of hose in only three minutes "The right hose and end connections maximize safety and performance. The wrong ones can mean costly maintenance …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 7/17/19 1:21 PM

It's fast, it's flexible, and can come with a wide variety of end connections "When you go to vacuum in the airlock and you take the hose off the front …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 3/6/19 8:45 AM

Refineries can be extra tough on hoses, so take extra care to extend useful life "Hoses assembled on-site by mobile suppliers often are not pressure-tested prior to installation, and may …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 2/28/19 8:45 AM

But even PTFE has its limits, so keep the minimum bend radius in mind "Unlike the rigidity of tubing and pipe, it can be bent without the need of tube …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 2/20/19 2:00 PM

For lower pressure and less critical applications, rubber hose is often a cost effective solution "Keep in mind that working pressures lower as system media increases in temperature." - From Swagelok …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 1/23/19 8:45 AM

Start by selecting material for the inside layer, then work your way outward to the cover and end connections "The proper end connection will improve your system by eliminating the …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 3/29/18 8:45 AM

Why our customers use FX Series hose in high pressure corrosive environments, high-temp vacuum environments, and more “Our expert operators and strict process control in manufacturing result in unmatched quality and consistency …

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by Neil Ide, on 3/14/18 12:00 PM

Avoid these three mistakes that can lead to electrostatic build up “Once the charge is large enough to overcome the dielectric strength on the hose core, the electrons punch through …

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