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by Jeff Hopkins, on 1/15/20 8:45 AM

We can build hose to your order right in Fremont, sometimes faster than you think "The wrong hose—or even the right hose improperly installed or used—can slow down production, and …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 12/26/18 9:00 AM

Swagelok offers 15 standard designs, that can be configured to your specific needs "Swagelok's basic layouts were really helpful. Then we made modifications to meet our precise needs." - Lab Lead, …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 4/12/18 8:45 AM

In any country and in any language, Swagelok still means safety, reliability and innovation “Since we work with gases under high pressure and with reactive and toxic gases, we cannot …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 4/4/18 8:45 AM

A story from the front lines of Silicon Valley materials research “In less than two weeks they came up with a whole solution. And in the last five years I …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 3/21/18 8:45 AM

A Lightfoot solution developed in concert with Swagelok helps crews keep mission-critical technology at the right temperature “The whole refrigerant system within our unit is made up 100% of Swagelok …

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by Neil Ide, on 3/14/18 12:00 PM

Avoid these three mistakes that can lead to electrostatic build up “Once the charge is large enough to overcome the dielectric strength on the hose core, the electrons punch through …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 3/1/18 8:30 AM

Every hose is a custom length; mix and match end connections; all with fast turnaround time “Each assembly technician is certified by Swagelok manufacturing engineers. To pass their tests, they …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 1/31/18 12:05 PM

Last year our Hose Assembly Team built thousands of hoses here in Fremont. Check out the extremes our hose—and people—go to. Hot or cold, these guys can ensure safe surface …

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by Neil Ide, on 3/15/17 8:30 AM

A Custom Panel Success: Pushing the Limits Swagelok Northern California’s team believes in supporting the sciences and pushing industry forward — and we have since 1963. From our deep inventory …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 3/8/17 8:30 AM

The latest case study in the Swagelok in Action series features our collaboration with a chemical and specialty component manufacturer in the semiconductor industry. Since our founding in 1947, Swagelok …

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