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by Jeff Hopkins, on 3/13/19 8:45 AM

Our new illuminated gauge and thermometer faces are easy to read in low-light environments "There's not much point in having a gauge or a thermometer if you can't read the …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 7/26/18 8:04 AM

Gas travels faster when pressure is lower, so a regulator can speed up a sample in an analytical system "One way to control time delay is with a regulator. Regulators …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/31/18 8:30 AM

We're often asked how interchangeable and intermixable a Swagelok component or assembly is with another brand. Here's the 411. "Data that Swagelok collects from field surveys show that intermixing and …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/10/18 8:30 AM

Jump to resources that dramatically reduce the time to produce technical and installation drawings "With a pencil sketch in hand, they quickly crafted a clean CAD plan, from which they …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 4/30/14 8:00 AM

Our 4-part answer to this frequently asked question, plus why we do "When Will It Burst" videos In our training course, we burst the tubing live, so attendees find out …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 10/24/13 9:00 AM

The four main factors, where to check details, and how to get help This article has three parts: 1. A refresher on the four factors that impact tube fitting choice; …

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