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Video: Praxair Stays On The Safe Side With Swagelok Products

In any country and in any language, Swagelok still means safety, reliability and innovation

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Equipment Manufacturer Finds A Catalyst In Swagelok

Integrated Lab Solutions relies on Swagelok to help keep pace with customer demands

"The use of Swagelok components is credential, in terms of
safety, quality, and reliability. If we named Swagelok in front of clients, then this is just off the table and we don't have to discuss any further if the supplier is reliable or not. It's just a fact."

- Tobias Brose, CFO and BDM, Integrated Lab Solutions

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G.A.S. Hits High Gear With Swagelok Assembly Services

Swagelok helped vehicle-conversion company save time and money

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Case Study: J-PARC Sets A Standard For Research

Swagelok components and training support hub of 21st century science research

"Swagelok has already proven the value of its products and service as being indispensable to the operation of the

- Professor Kazuhiro Tanaka, J-PARC

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A Customer's Torture Test Proves Swagelok's Quality

FKB Series valves held up far beyond their rated pressure

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Praxair Stays On the Safe Side with Swagelok Products and Assembly Services

In any country and in any language, Swagelok still means safety, reliability and innovation

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"[Swagelok] came up with a whole solution." - Former Master Technologist at HP Labs (Video)

A story from the front lines of Silicon Valley materials research

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Cooling Fighter Jet Subsystems (Video)

A Lightfoot solution developed in concert with Swagelok helps crews keep mission-critical technology at the right temperature

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Case Study: Steel Mill Compressed Gas System

Swagelok tracks down leaks and helps customer save tens of thousands of dollars

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Case Study: Energizing A High Tech Battery Maker's Fluid System

With the help of our Application Support team, SEEO is saving time and money

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