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by Swagelok Northern California

by Jeff Hopkins, on 10/16/19 9:00 AM

"Some valves are designed to provide good control of flow or direction, or guard against over-pressure" - From Choosing the Right Swagelok Valve for the Job: Part 2 You need …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 6/13/19 9:00 AM

Options and special models make them ideal for a wide variety of applications "A ball valve's design is about as basic as it gets. At its heart is a ball …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 6/5/19 8:45 AM

We offer them in pneumatic or electric versions, with a manual override too "A ball valve's design is about as basic as it gets. At its heart is a ball …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/29/19 8:45 AM

With so many configuration options, it's worth getting familiar with the catalog "When it comes to flow restriction, the ball valve reigns supreme in the valve world for lowest pressure …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/22/19 8:45 AM

They offer the lowest pressure drop, and can handle flow in both directions. View cutaway illustrations and expert advice, and get our free resource collection. After viewing this article's tips …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 3/20/19 8:45 AM

FKB Series valves held up far beyond their rated pressure "Ocean edge is unique in the fact that they deal with pressures that most manufacturers won't touch." - Chris Ori, Local …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/17/18 8:30 AM

A peek at how Swagelok Northern California pro Jason Burns uses Cv and Swagelok tools to size system components, using our free Cv Calculator tool, and more. Flow Coefficient (Cv: …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/4/17 8:00 AM

Swagelok offers dozens of Instrumentation and process valves and manifolds including: Ball, Bellows-Sealed, Bleed and Purge, Check, Diaphragm-Sealed, Excess Flow, Manifold, Metering, Modulating, Needle Shutoff and Regulating, Plug, Relief, and …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 4/20/17 8:30 AM

Swagelok offers dozens of instrumentation and process valves and manifolds in various types and sizes. Get three essential resources on how to select and size valves for your fluid system …

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by Neil Ide, on 10/27/16 9:00 AM

Also known as non-return valves, they’re more complex than you might think. Tip: Get our Valve Selection & Sizing Essentials Collection. Includes Swagelok Valve Sizing Technical Bulletin, Matching Valve Type …

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