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by Jeff Hopkins, on 12/4/19 1:00 PM

For 70 years, the petrochemical industry has relied on our patented technology "When evaluating tube-fitting performance, look for these Big Three factors: tube grip, gas seal, and vibration protection. You …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 11/20/19 9:00 AM

Damage to tubing systems is pervasive, problematic and preventable "Feeling confident that your systems will perform, even in the most demanding locations, involves not only product design but also materials …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 11/13/19 1:00 PM

Cut installation labor costs as much as 66 percent, and save still more on operation "Tubing is simpler, lighter, easier to install, and has fewer potential leak points; it also …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 11/6/19 9:00 AM

Small bore tubing equals savings - cut labor cost as much as 66% compared to installing a pipe system "Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 10/30/19 9:00 AM

There's nothing like seeing components up close and in person "Swagelok strives for an exceptional customer experience. In large part, that experience is created by our people—our sales and service …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 10/23/19 9:00 AM

Even within a given type of regulator, there are options that make big differences "Regulators are highly technical, highly specialized fluid handling components. So, the next time you need one …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 10/2/19 9:00 AM

A leak-tight connection starts with clean tubing cut to the right size "Deciding which tubing to use depends on many factors. The key ones are the outside diameter of the …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 9/25/19 9:00 AM

Our specialists are trained to understand why hoses fail, and to suggest the best hose for a job "When a hose fails, and they didn't plan on that hose failing, …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 9/18/19 1:08 PM

Our designs start with all the best practices of API 682, but we take them further "A lot of sites have specifications for particular things that they want to use, …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 9/11/19 9:00 AM

If a seal goes down, an entire process can go down "Innovative design features make maintenance easier." - From Mechanical seal support systems help reduce costs (Video Below) Swagelok doesn't …

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