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The Fluid Systems Engineering and Management Blog

by Swagelok Northern California

by Jeff Hopkins, on 12/4/19 9:00 AM

Get graphs generated specifically for the conditions and specifications you set "When we talk about matching a pressure regulator to the job, one of the primary tools is the flow …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/1/19 8:45 AM

API Standard 682 has plenty of plans, and Swagelok can help you navigate them "Swagelok seal support system designs avoid pipe threads and limit the number of connections wherever possible" …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 4/24/19 9:00 AM

If you've never used Swagelok's bench top tube bender, or if it's been a while since you have, Swagelok has a nine-minute video that goes through the whole process. (Sidenote: …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 4/10/19 8:55 AM

We have a training video and printed instructions to show you how it's done "CAUTION: Use of tubing below the recommended minimum wall thickness may result in the tube sticking …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 4/6/16 8:00 AM

Learn more about the Swagelok Tube Fitting Assembly Toolkit and the Swagelok Tube Fitter's Toolbox and download their brochures at Swagelok components, tools, and custom solutions enable you to …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 3/23/16 8:00 AM

It's great to have high-quality tools organized and easy to grab when you're in the field. How handy would it be to keep your wrenches, cutter and other tools in …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 4/23/15 8:00 AM

Like pro ball players, we all need good coaching to help sharpen our skills Thursday, May 7th, a recognized world authority on steam systems, Kelly Paffel, will be at Swagelok …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 4/1/15 8:00 AM

We are excited about SNC Drones — a future delivery system from Swagelok Northern California designed to safely get packages into customers' hands in 24 hours or less using large …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 3/3/15 8:00 AM

If you are experienced at fabricating tubing systems, your time and expertise are valuable. Packed with hand tube benders and much more, the Swagelok Tube Fitter’s Toolbox is designed to …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 7/2/14 8:00 AM

Join us at our next Tube Bending Seminar in Fremont Join us at our hands-on, practical tube bending seminar get more info » There's art as well as math behind getting …

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Your fluid systems can't fail—and they can't leak. That's why Swagelok Northern California offers mission critical solutions for the petrochem, semi, power, and oil and gas industries around the Bay Area and into NW Nevada. We manufacture and assemble reliable, customizable components that get the job done. Contact our team today to learn about custom solutions for your plant or refinery.

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