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by Jeff Hopkins, on 12/18/19 9:00 AM

Save time and enhance system performance compared to hard pipe systems "Swagelok tubing meets or exceeds industry standards in a wide range of sizes, forms, and alloys. Ultrahigh and high-purity …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 12/11/19 3:00 PM

But first make sure the classes pay a dividend on the time your employees invest "There's no margin for error in a modern refinery or factory. Worker safety must be …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 11/13/19 1:00 PM

Cut installation labor costs as much as 66 percent, and save still more on operation "Tubing is simpler, lighter, easier to install, and has fewer potential leak points; it also …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 11/6/19 9:00 AM

Small bore tubing equals savings - cut labor cost as much as 66% compared to installing a pipe system "Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 9/4/19 9:00 AM

It takes the right materials and the right training to keep corrosion at bay "Finding a proper materials solution means starting at the source of the problem." - From Corrosion Types …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 8/29/19 9:00 AM

Our bite size videos highlight two kinds of hose in only three minutes "The right hose and end connections maximize safety and performance. The wrong ones can mean costly maintenance …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 7/31/19 9:00 AM

You may know that you should do something, but have you been taught how? "Industry has relied on Swagelok for advanced solutions in fluid handling components for more than 70 …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 4/10/19 8:55 AM

We have a training video and printed instructions to show you how it's done "CAUTION: Use of tubing below the recommended minimum wall thickness may result in the tube sticking …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 4/3/19 8:45 AM

Follow these best practices for designing and building safer fluid systems "Where seizing opportunity means assuming more risk, how can you minimize safety concerns? Start with careful design considerations. Before …

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by Jeff Hopkins, on 3/13/19 8:45 AM

Our new illuminated gauge and thermometer faces are easy to read in low-light environments "There's not much point in having a gauge or a thermometer if you can't read the …

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