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Video: Praxair Stays On The Safe Side With Swagelok Products

In any country and in any language, Swagelok still means safety, reliability and innovation

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Swagelok Hose Advisory Service Can Save You A Lot Of Grief

Our specialists are trained to understand why hoses fail, and to suggest the best hose for a job

"When a hose fails, and they didn't plan on that hose failing, it'll bring down their whole entire system. In some cases, their whole entire production line."

- From Hose Advisory Services Video (below)

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Better By Design: Swagelok Mechanical Support Systems

Our designs start with all the best practices of API 682, but we take them further

"A lot of sites have specifications for particular things that they want to use, and we adapt to that"

- From Swagelok mechanical seal support systems for API 682 are better by design (Video below)

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Mechanical Seal Support Systems Save Time And Money

If a seal goes down, an entire process can go down

"Innovative design features make maintenance easier."

- From Mechanical seal support systems help reduce costs (Video Below)

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Tech Clip Videos: Rubber & PTFE Hose

Our bite size videos highlight two kinds of hose in only three minutes

"The right hose and end connections maximize safety and performance. The wrong ones can mean costly maintenance issues, safety risks, and slow-downs."

- From Swagelok Hose & Flexible Tubing

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Swagelok Shows Eagle Scouts The Life Of An Engineer

A day at Swagelok gives them a real-world view of an engineer's work

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Video: Another Way To Deal With The Supply Pressure Effect

Two-stage reduction does the trick, and can be done in two different ways

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It's Not Hard To Tame The Supply Pressure Effect

The right regulator can hold the line as pressure from a supply cylinder drops

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Need To Protect Shaft Seals? You'll Need A Plan, Too

API Standard 682 has plenty of plans, and Swagelok can help you navigate them

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Showtime: New Video Demonstrates Swagelok Bench Top Tube Bender

Watch and learn for useful tips on how to get top performance

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