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A Closer Look At Our Customer Briefing Center Panels

by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/4/16 8:00 AM

Visit our Customer Briefing Center and discuss your application challenges with a Swagelok engineer. Learn more at 


These five specially created displays represent a complete fluid system in action


Book a visit to our Customer Briefing Center and discuss your application challenges with a Swagelok Engineer

If you've read our previous overview of our Customer Briefing Center, you might wonder what we have packed into the five display panels. It's really a complete, working fluid system. The five panels are interconnected to making a total integrated system. This is a hands-on display, where you get to adjust valves, set regulators, and control the system from the integrated touch screen HMI. Here's what you will find when you walk in the door:

Gas Delivery

Our first panel sets the process in motion. This is where an air compressor and a pressure swing absorption dryer condition and purify the air for delivery to the rest of the system. The air then goes through a pair of pressure regulator banks. One is designed for high-flow remote control of pressure. The other is for high-reliability redundant operating. With our Gas Delivery panel we can demonstrate pressure regulator performance, hot-swap capabilities, pressure regulator operational phenomena, and best practices in designing facility-level gas delivery systems. Spend some time with us at this panel, and we can talk about saturated air versus dry air, the use of desiccants, and the differences between dome-loaded and spring-loaded regulators. If you've ever looked at a flow curve and scratched your head, this is the place to see what those graphs mean in real life. This panel is also a great illustration of the value of redundant design. If something goes wrong, your system stays up and running.

Distribution and flow control

Whether you’re making semiconductors, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil products, or electricity, you need a way to get your process fluids from point A to point B -- and on to point C and the rest of the alphabet. The fluid not only has to get there, it has to arrive at a certain pressure, temperature and rate. This panel distributes liquid and gas from primary facility lines to mass flow controllers, variable area flow meters, and back pressure regulators. Get your hands on this panel to experience the smooth linear control of Swagelok metering valves, and the effects of back pressure on calibration and flow. We'll gladly show you the best practices for backflow prevention, and optimized process sample draw.


We must admit we have a lot of fun with this panel. It looks like something you’d see in a Star Trek movie. The Process panel is a model of a nuclear fusion power plant and Swagelok steam system components. The fun part comes when you take over the controls to see how the system boils, distributes, cleans, uses and condenses the water that still remains the primary global standard for the large volume generation of electricity.


Do you have a need for more pressure? A standard quarter-inch Swagelok fitting can handle a heck of a lot of the stuff, like 10,000PSI worth. That’s like taking five-pound gym plate weights and stacking them over 150 feet high. Our hydraulic panel gives the experience of operating valves at such enormous pressures. Go ahead: Test your nerves on a high-pressure valve operation. Our hydraulic panel also features a bursting chamber. Bring in your own hose or tube, and we can play a round of “When Will it Burst?”


If you’re blending, catalyzing, burning, or just trying to ensure incoming quality with your process liquids or gasses, chances are you have an analyzer system. It’s our personal experience that most analyzer systems can be a constant headache for their owners. Too often, online analysis means extremely long sample times, non-representative chemistry, and constant maintenance. Swagelok partnered with industry masters of analysis to bring you Pre-Engineered Subsystems and comprehensive literature about the finer points of sample system design. Let us show you our best practices and eliminate your headaches.

You'll notice that we mention "fun" and getting your hands on the controls. So don't just sit there reading about it. Book a tour to try out these panels for yourself and discuss your fluid system application challenges with us at 

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