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Jeff Hopkins

Jeff Hopkins

After being an Account Manager here at Swagelok Northern California for about 6 years, I started managing marketing and communications. My job is making sure that our marketing and communications help us realize our vision of being our customers’ favorite story. One reason I love this job is because I work for a company with integrity. We actually operate according to our mission/values statement and everything - components, customer service, the staff members - it's all the highest quality. Every day I get to collaborate with those who genuinely care about the success of Swagelok Northern California and its associates, and who are always striving to find a better way to serve the companies we are privileged to call our customers.

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Sizing Up A Valve: Which One Works Best For Your Application?

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This Deep Neural Network Fights Deepfakes

Deepfakes, realistic videos that map the facial expressions of one person onto the face of another, present a formidable political weapon. But this editing does leaves traces. Now a UC Riverside scientists has trained an AI to identify manipulated images at the pixel level with great accuracy.

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Successful Application of Machine Learning in The Discovery of New Polymers

A group of researchers from Tokyo has demonstrated that their method of machine learning, which involves “transfer learning,” can identify materials with desired properties even from an exceeding small data set.

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2D Gold ‘Nanoseaweed’ Could One Day be More Effective than Graphene

A new form of gold just two atoms thick is 10 times more efficient than the current gold nanoparticles used as a catalytic substrate. Its high surface-to-volume ratio and flexibility also give it potential for use in bendable screens, electronic inks, and transparent conducting displays.

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How Thorough Testing Ensures Reliable Regulator Performance

Pressure regulators rated for use at subzero temperatures must control pressure while reacting to system changes in extreme conditions; failure can lead not only to loss of property and profit, but could threaten operator safety. Where cold temperatures threaten crucial component functionality, meticulous regulator engineering and well thought out, lab-based analysis stand between success and failure.

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Video: Praxair Stays On The Safe Side With Swagelok Products

In any country and in any language, Swagelok still means safety, reliability and innovation

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Liquid Metal Research: New Solutions for the Energy Transition

The Liquid Metal Competence Platform Karlsruhe (LIMCKA) pools the expertise of many institutes and laboratories of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Their aim is to develop liquid metal technologies that will may be able to accelerate the decoupling of the energy system from carbon that is crucial to averting catastrophic global warming.

Topics: Mission Critical

Researchers Discover Traditional Fluid Flow Observations May Miss the Big Picture

A new study reveals that restricting fluid flow observations to before and after comparisons may miss important chemical reactions in flowing fluids. The discovery of microscopic variations that disappear by the end of the observation period has profound implications for industrial, environmental, and biological fields.

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X-ray Analysis of Carbon Nanostructures Helps Material Design

Nanostructures made of carbon are extremely versatile: they can desalinate water, store gases, and absorb ions in batteries and supercapacitors. This versatility requires that the distribution, size and shape of the structure’s pores be controlled. Now a team from the HZB Institute for Soft Matter and Functional Materials and the University of Tartu, Estonia has developed a small-angle X-ray scattering technique to gather information on the structure.

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How to Select the Right Sample Preconditioning Module

In an analytical sampling system, you may need to precondition your sample prior to analysis. You’ll choose your preconditioning module based on the type of sample-transport system and the sample’s current phase—gas or liquid. You may need a field station module installed near the tap, or a fast-loop module installed near the analyzer.

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