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Jeff Hopkins

Jeff Hopkins

After being an Account Manager here at Swagelok Northern California for about 6 years, I started managing marketing and communications. My job is making sure that our marketing and communications help us realize our vision of being our customers’ favorite story. One reason I love this job is because I work for a company with integrity. We actually operate according to our mission/values statement and everything - components, customer service, the staff members - it's all the highest quality. Every day I get to collaborate with those who genuinely care about the success of Swagelok Northern California and its associates, and who are always striving to find a better way to serve the companies we are privileged to call our customers.

Recent Posts by Jeff Hopkins:

How a War Against Oceans of Plastic Waste is Taking Place in Labs

The growing public awareness of the dangers of plastic waste, coupled with no slowdown in the amount of waste being produced worldwide, is leading to a revolution. Numerous researchers in labs around the globe are designing viable ways to make post-consumer plastic products 100% recyclable.

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Avoiding Classic Liquid and Gas Sampling System Mistakes

Gases behave differently with fluctuations in pressure and temperature, both of which are likely to occur in a sampling system. These fluctuations can result in condensation or time delay, affecting analyzer results. To avoid these issues, try to reduce a gas sample’s pressure as soon as possible, by as much as possible.

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More On Threads: Pressure, Tolerance And Corrosion

A few extra thoughts on getting a good seal and making sure it stays that way

"Every male thread Swagelok produces is installed with a plastic protective cap for shipping. Protective covers keep threads from being accidentally dented or otherwise marred. A dent in a male pipe thread is a time bomb."

- From Nice Threads! Make Sure You Keep Them That Way

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Confirmed: New Phase of Matter is Solid and Liquid at the Same Time

Solid, liquid, and gas are not the only phases of matter. There are several other varieties that exist under extremes of temperature or pressure. An AI simulation has recently added to these:   potassium atoms can exhibit properties of both a solid and a liquid at the same time.

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Nano-bot Can Probe Inside Human Cells

A University of Toronto Engineering team has built magnetic ‘tweezers’ that can position a nano-scale bead inside a human cell with astonishing precision. The tweezer-bot has already been used to study cancer cells. It is hoped that it will offer improved diagnosis and treatment for cancer and other diseases.

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Shocking Universe Expansion Discovery Could Require Totally New Physics

Using data from the Hubble Space Telescope, a team of scientists led by Nobel laureate Adam Riess has revealed that the universe is expanding much faster than previously thought. The widening gap between the predicted and measured rate of expansion may require new laws of physics to explain.

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Grab Sampling 101: Reducing Plant Costs

Grab sampling is one of the most common and cost-effective sampling techniques for collecting a chemical sample. Also known as closed loop system sampling, it is the collection of a fluid or gas sample in a pipeline, tank or other industrial system with the intent of transporting the sample to a laboratory for analysis.

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Nice Threads! Make Sure You Keep Them That Way

What to look for in pipe threads, and how to make sure you get a good seal

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Injectable Nanoparticles Give Mice Infrared Vision

Infrared devices that aid law enforcement by detecting the heat given off by a hiding criminal are bulky. The solution? An injectable biocompatible nanoparticle that can give animals (and eventually humans) the ability to see light near IR wavelengths.

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At 3,836 mph, Which Way Does the Air Flow?

High-speed aerodynamics gives rise to a different set of problems than aerodynamics of objects moving slower than hypersonic (3,836 mph, or 5 times the speed of sound). University at Buffalo aerospace engineer James Chen is determined to understand high speed airflow and reduce turbulence in order to pave the way for more efficient, safer, and quieter supersonic flight.

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