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When Will It Burst? Four Steps to Choosing a Hose

by Jeff Hopkins, on 12/4/14 8:35 AM

This week's video highlights four parts of a hose to consider when selecting a hose

WWIB Four Steps
Watch the video to learn four key steps to choosing a hose, and then enter the burst contest for a chance to win Watch it here »

In our last When Will It Burst? video we burst a piece of Swagelok F Series PTFE hose. (And congratulations to ???? for the guess that came closest to the actual burst pressure - Watch the video to see who won and the actual burst pressure)

This week we up the ante by bursting a length of Swagelok X Series PTFE hose. The difference between X Series PTFE hose and the F Series PTFE hose in the last video is that we add a stainless steel over-braid on top of the F Series' unique fiber braid reinforcement. Each of those elements adds strength and flexibility, and together they add a lot of it.

Watch the video at to find out the working and burst pressure ratings for Swagelok X Series PTFE hose, and then enter your guess.

The differences between the hoses also make this week's video an excellent time to discuss four parts of a hose to consider when selecting the right kind of hose for your job. The four are: core tube material, hose reinforcement, hose cover, and end connections.

Given the combination that makes up Swagelok X Series PTFE hose, at what pressure do you think it will burst?

Enter your guess at The contest ends Monday, December 15th at 12pm.


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