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When Will It Burst? Recap of the Swagelok Northern California Contest

by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/28/14 8:30 AM

Our burst contest video series continues, watch it and enter a guess before the contest ends tomorrow

When Will It Burst?

In our first five videos, we have covered a lot of topics and burst a bunch of tubing.  Here is a quick recap and a look ahead.  In When Will It Burst? The Introduction, we kick off the video series by describing the six components of a Swagelok® tube fitting installation and highlighting the importance of "you" the installer and how we provide Swagelok training courses to ensure you are up to speed on fluid system component selection and installation best practices.  We also explain that one of the highlights of our Swagelok Tube Fitting Safety Seminar is the tube burst demonstration. We thought we would bring the fun out of the training room and onto your computer through a video burst contest. 

A little fun while you learn about fluid systems

Each video in the series gives a sample of the training we provide in our in person training courses followed by a burst contest.  The person who enters the closest guess to the actual burst pressure wins a $100 Visa gift card.  In each video, we provide the working pressure and minimum estimated burst pressure for the tubing or hose, and the winner is revealed in the next video.  Not only does the winner get $100 Visa gift card, but he or she also gets bragging rights!

Quick Recap

In When Will It Burst? #1, we give you a quick tutorial on how to install Swagelok tube fitting, and then we burst 3/8" copper tubing and ask you to guess when it will burst.

In When Will It Burst? #2, we show you how to use the Swagelok Tubing Data sheet to assist in the selection of tubing to be used with Swagelok tube fittings, and then we burst 1/2" seamless stainless steel tubing and ask you to guess at what pressure it will burst. 

In When Will It Burst? #3we discuss two factors that require you to derate the working pressure of tubing, and show you how to use the Swagelok Tubing Data sheet to help in the derating. Then, we install welded stainless steel tubing into our burst chamber and ask you to guess When Will It Burst?

Our current burst contest video is When Will It Burst? #4.  In it, we detail how to determine when to use Swagelok inserts with soft plastic tubing and Swagelok tube fittings and how to select and install them. Then, we install Swagelok LT Series Vinyl Tubing using Swagelok inserts and Swagelok tube fittings in our burst chamber, give you the pressure ratings, and ask you to guess "When Will It Burst?" The best guess will win a $100 Visa gift card! Contest ends Tuesday, June 3rd at 6pm.  Watch it now and enter a guess here » 

A look ahead

The video series is in full swing, and we have many more tech tips and burst contests in store for you.  When Will It Burst? #5 will feature a fluid system staple, rubber hose.  When Will It Burst? #6 will highlight PTFE hose.  When Will It Burst? #7 will walk you through four steps to choosing a hose.  Then, there will be When Will It Burst? #8, #9, and more...who knew fluid systems could be so much fun!

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