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Bursting with Swagelok Pride: Our Video Series Wraps It Up

by Jeff Hopkins, on 1/14/15 8:30 AM

When Will It Burst? ends with a look at some of the fun we had behind the scenes

Last spring we started a video series that took an entertaining look at a very important subject: how to properly install Swagelok® tube fittings to get optimum performance under pressure. As you may already know, we called it "When Will It Burst?" 

Let's recap

There was a wide variety of materials used in the videos, including copper, rubber, and stainless steel, but there has been one consistent theme: When properly installed, Swagelok tube fittings can handle higher pressure than the hose or tubing itself. As you can see from these videos, the Swagelok fitting doesn't leak, even as the wall of the hose or tubing swells and bursts. We also got to view the difference in strength when fiber braid reinforcing or a stainless steel overbraid were added to hose. And we covered the key factors to consider when deciding on which hose is right for a particular job.

The derating factors

The video series gave us a chance to bring up important considerations when using hose and tubing in the field. For example, we talked about derating, which is recognizing that some factors, such as heat or weld integrity, change the amount of pressure that tubing can handle.

When Will It Burst? in the classroom

The When Will It Burst? video series is over, but there's still a chance to take part in ‘When Will It Burst?’ in real life. Join us at one of our tube fitting safety seminars, where the tube burst demonstration is one of the seminar highlights.  Check out our upcoming training classes here »

We don't want to “burst” your bubble with no more ‘When Will It Burst?’ videos, so we are concluding with a fun behind the scenes video as we tried to burst a few unusual items (and some of the more desperate measures we had to take when our selected objects refused to cooperate). Also included is a musical montage of all the items that did make the final cut. You can watch it here »

Thanks for watching!

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