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Swagelok Northern California Invites You to Swagelok Spring Training

by Jeff Hopkins, on 4/23/15 8:00 AM

Like pro ball players, we all need good coaching to help sharpen our skills

steam system training
Thursday, May 7th, a recognized world authority on steam systems, Kelly Paffel, will be at Swagelok Northern California conducting steam system training  get more info »

This spring, Swagelok Northern California is offering several opportunities for you and your team to brush up on your skills and learn something new. In May, we are offering our Tube Fitting Safety Seminar, Tube Bending Seminar, and a full day of training on Steam System reliability, safety and optimization.

We have written previously about our training, and how it is known for being as good as the components we manufacture. Our trainers are Swagelok certified with industry experience ranging from 15 to 40+ years. Past attendees have commented on how knowledgeable our trainers are, how they weave real world examples into the training, and how the hands on nature of the training helps them apply it immediately to their jobs.

Steam system training

Our May 7th Steam System Training is geared towards the Pharmaceutical and Biopharm industries. If you are in those industries, you do not want to miss this opportunity to be trained by Kelly Paffel, Technical Manager, Swagelok Energy Advisors, Inc. Paffel is a recognized worldwide authority in industrial steam systems with 41 years of experience in steam, compressed air systems and power operations. He is an experienced lecturer who has published many technical papers on the topics of steam and compressed air system design and operation. He is known throughout the world for writing “Steam System Best Practices” that are used by plants and engineers to insure proper operation of steam and condensate systems. The course is coming soon and filling up quick. 

You can learn more about the upcoming steam system training course here »

If you are not in one of those industries, you can check out our other steam system training courses here »  If we get enough inquiries, we can bring Paffel back for another steam system training course.

Tube fitting safety

Why do offer our tube fitting safety seminar? Because people seldom think much about tube fittings until there is a failure in the system. For most customers a failure is normally defined as a leak. In some cases a leak may be only a minor inconvenience, but there are times when a leak can be a safety problem. We know from experience that by employing the techniques provided in the Tube Fitting Safety Seminar most of this leakage can be prevented. In May, we are offering the Tube Fitting Safety Seminar for 1/2 price.  You can learn more here » 

Bend it like Swagelok

Tube bending is a skill that is normally passed from a craftsman to an apprentice. As a supplier of high quality tube benders and tube preparation tools, we offer this class to provide a training resource that demystifies one aspect of fluid system fabrication. Knowledgeable, skilled technicians help increase productivity and reduce waste and scrap. Some customers have reported throwing away tens of thousands of dollars in tubing scrap which can be avoided by learning calculating bends in advance.

Mike Carrier, who attended a Tube Bending seminar, said he came because "I wanted to learn the proper techniques of bending and measuring so I can apply what I learned directly to my job." He said he appreciated learning the math to determine where to mark the tubing for bends, eliminate guesswork, and reduce the amount of tubing scrap. You can learn more here » 

Get the right tools

They say a craftsman is only as good as his tools. If you are going to invest in the right tools for the job, it only makes sense to take care of your investment. Yet far too many people simply toss their tools into a big box on the back of their truck. The tools rattle around and get lost under other tools or even worse damaged. So, we’re offering a nice incentive to take care of your tools. Buy the Swagelok Tube Fitter's Toolbox for $1,699 and get free admittance to two Swagelok training seminars (up to a $258 value). Learn how the Swagelok Tube Fitter's Toolbox is engineered to get the job done here » 

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