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Swagelok Summer School: Tube Bending And Tube Fitting Safety

by Jeff Hopkins, on 6/4/15 8:30 AM

Take our two seminars in June for $99 each, one-third off the normal price

Watch the latest Swagelok Tech Clip, then sign up for one or both of the seminars here »

As we swing into summer, it's an ideal time to brush up your skills with tubing and fittings. This month we are discounting our two popular seminars on Tube Bending and Tube Fitting Safety. You can take them for $99 apiece, a savings of $50 per class.

A fitting start

As you can see from our latest Swagelok® Tech Clip, it's not hard to correctly assemble a Swagelok tube fitting:

Step 1: Fully insert the tube into the fitting and against the shoulder, rotate the nut to make sure it is finger tight.

Step 2: Mark the nut at the 6 o'clock position.

Step 3: While holding the fitting body steady, tighten the nut one and one-quarter turns to the 9 o'clock position, and the job is done. That's all there is to it.

Even so, at our Tube Fitting Safety seminars, people with years of experience regularly discover that they've not been doing it right. Maybe they were never taught the right procedure in the first place. Maybe they have been using the procedure for another brand of fitting. One of the most common installation errors is not fully inserting the tube into the fitting. Another is trying to rely on "feel" instead of giving it one and one-quarter turns.

Tightening by "feel" often results in a connection that is under-tight and prone to leakage. What's worse, the leak may not develop until the connection is subjected to the vibrations and temperature cycling of normal operation. Small leaks in a gas system may go undetected for years, resulting in higher operating costs and the potential for environmental impact.

At our Tube Fitting Safety seminar, you'll learn how to do the job right with hands–on demonstrations. But that's only the start. You'll also learn about tube fitting design and function, a comparison of a tube system and a pipe system, thread sealants and lubricants, and how to select and handle tubing.

Tubing tutorial

Most people learn how to bend tubing by working with someone with more experience. It's tough to learn by trial and error, and it requires a lot of faith that the older craftsman really knows all the best practices.

A better approach is our Tube Bending seminar. Again, this class covers a lot more than how to bend tubing. One of the most important lessons involves determining the exact length of tubing needed for a job. Some companies have had to scrap thousands of dollars worth of tubing because it wasn't cut to the right length the first time.

We'll also discuss the impact workmanship has on total system performance. A well-fabricated system looks good too, which can enhance the esthetics and reflect on the quality of the product. 

Watch the latest Swagelok Tech Clip, then sign up for one or both of the seminars here »


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