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Swagelok Profile: The World of Swagelok in One Convenient Document

by Jeff Hopkins, on 8/19/15 8:00 AM

New company profile provides a snapshot of Swagelok's global operations

Swagelok company profile
Download the Swagelok Company profile here »

We recently wrote about our Quick Look infographic for Swagelok Northern California. As a companion piece, check out the new corporate profile of the worldwide Swagelok network. It takes many more pages to describe a global company like Swagelok, so you might think of this profile as a "Long Look." The interactive PDF format makes it easy to skip around to the parts that interest you most.

It's a good reminder that, while Swagelok Northern California serves more than 60 counties in California and Nevada, we're part of a much bigger network. All Swagelok sales and service centers are closely connected with one another and with Swagelok itself. If you design and specify in one location and your job site is another, sales and service centers in both locations will work with you as one team. We are "One Swagelok", one interconnected global organization spanning 70 countries.

It adds up

With an operation that size, Swagelok's numbers are impressive. More than 6,800 Swagelok line items are shipped daily, with 99.99 percent shipping and inventory accuracy. Part of the Swagelok brand promise is to be there for you with a robust supply of Make to Stock products. That's more than 10,000 standard products in stock whenever you need them. 

There is a phrase that every Swagelok executive, engineer and shop floor associate knows: Zero Customer Disappointments. These are some of the ways we close in on that goal.

People power

One reason for Swagelok's reliability is the company's stability. Less than 8 percent of Swagelok's associates leave the company each year, and that includes retirements. It's not unusual to find someone who has been with Swagelok for 20 years, and some have been with the company for 50 years. The loyalty is mutual. Swagelok has extensive in-house training programs and tuition reimbursement for all associates, plus leadership development programs and one-on-one professional coaching.

Also, Swagelok is always working on new products. It has the latest computer modeling software and laboratory testing equipment, including its own scanning electron microscope. What Swagelok doesn't develop on its own, it adds through strategic acquisitions.

Doing our part

Locally, nationally and globally, Swagelok gives back to more than 100 local charities. In 2014 it added up to $3.5 million in donations from the Swagelok Foundation and related charitable trusts. That does not take into account the charitable work by our independently owned and operated sales and service centers around the world.

Swagelok is environmentally responsible as well, recycling more than 1.5 million pounds of alloys each year, plus 1.8 million pounds of paper, cardboard and wood. Swagelok composts too, putting 120 tons of food waste to good use each year.

So next time you talk with someone at Swagelok Northern California about a problem you want to solve, remember that we have worldwide resources waiting to serve you. 


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