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Another Burst from the Past Video Features Swagelok PTFE Hose

by Jeff Hopkins, on 9/9/15 8:00 AM

Our video series took a quick look at our uniquely flexible PTFE hose

In this burst from the past video, we demonstrate how Swagelok is setting new standards in hose flexibility with its newer line of PTFE hoses that feature Swagelok’s unique non-metallic fiber braiding technology that gives the PTFE core greater resistance to collapsing and kinking when being bent.

Then, we install Swagelok F Series PTFE Hose into our burst chamber and ask viewers to guess When Will It Burst?

The video also includes a few tips on how to get the best performance from hose without it collapsing or kinking on the job.

Learn about Swagelok's uniquely flexible PTFE hose in this fun video and then download resources on hose selection or the Swagelok hose catalog and selection quick-look guides.

Swagelok PTFE Hose

Swagelok has four series of PTFE hoses manufactured with non-metallic fiber braiding reinforcement bonded to the PTFE core. This unique braiding technology creates a more flexible hose with greater resistance to collapsing and kinking when being bent.

Choose the one that's right for your application

Choose from Swagelok F, X, S, or W Series PTFE Hose.  

The F Series hose is a PTFE hose constructed with Swagelok's unique braiding process that bonds a nonconductive fiber braid to the smooth bore PTFE core to support the core and resist kinking. It is commonly used where flexibility, chemical compatibility, and a nonconductive braid are desired.

Swagelok F Series PTFE Hose resized 600 

The X Series hose is a PTFE hose is the F Series PTFE hose with a 304 stainless steel over-braid that protects the core from abrasion and enhances the hose's pressure rating and flexibility. It is commonly used where chemical compatibility and ultra-flexibility are desired. 

X Series PTFE Hose resized 600

The S Series PTFE hose is the X Series with a Silicone cover that provides smooth, non-contaminating, easy-to-clean surface and insulation from internal system fluid temperature extremes.  

teflon hose

The W Series PTFE hose is the S Series with an internal insulating wrap that eliminates the need for external insulation in many applications. The W Series comes standard with smooth-bore, carbon black-filled PTFE core for applications that require static dissipation, and your choice of a red, black, blue or white silicone cover. Product Test Reports for W Series Hose »

W Series PTFE Hose 

Local custom fabrication

All of these hoses are available from Swagelok Northern California custom fabricated to the lengths your system requires with a wide variety of end connections to choose from.  If one of these four hoses will not work for your application, take a look at Swagelok's sixteen other hose series to find one that will in the Swagelok Hose Catalog.  Swagelok Northern California is here to help you find the right hose for your application.  

But how does that reinforcement help the hose perform?  

Specifically, in this video, we asked viewers to guess at what pressure a half-inch Swagelok F Series PTFE hose will burst.

Watch the video to find out the working pressure and minimum burst pressure, jot down your guess, then watch the next video to find out how close you are to the correct burst pressure.

Have a little fun while you learn about Swagelok PTFE hose and how to prevent hoses from kinking.

You can watch all the latest When Will It Burst? videos starting with the contest intro video here »


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