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How Swagelok PTFE Hose Is Bringing New Flexibility to Fluid Systems

by Jeff Hopkins, on 12/18/12 7:00 AM

Swagelok PTFE hose makes routing easier 

teflon hose
Swagelok PTFE hose does not sacrifice strength to gain flexibility. Unique braiding gives the hose minimal force to bend, especially in tight quarters. Download the catalog »

One of the great advantages of hose over tubing or pipe is flexibility. But even hose has its limits.  Push it too hard, and it will put extra pressure on the connecting points, and may even collapse. Ordinary hose, that is.

Swagelok has set new standards on flexibility with its X, S, and W series of PTFE hose, while maintaining strength. The secret is in a unique process that bonds a nonmetallic fiber braid to the outside of the hose's extruded smooth-bore PTFE core, and then a layer of stainless steel braid is added to the outside of that allowing for additional flexibility, pressure capabilities, and abrasion resistance.  Other options include a silicone cover and an internal insulation wrap.

How flexible? Take a look at the small sample shown here.

Swagelok PTFE hose does not sacrifice strength to gain flexibility. The unique braiding gives the hose a minimum force to bend for ease of installation. Hose that requires less force to bend is easier to install, especially in tight quarters.

Tighter radius and ability to handle offset motion

The flexibility means that Swagelok PTFE hose does not have the kink problems of ordinary teflon® tubing or hose. It can handle a tighter radius. It is also more easily able to handle offset motion. The braiding acts much like a sleeve does when you bend a tube, keeping it from going oval and then flattening. That's called "hoop strength," which also means greater resistance to collapsing in tight bends.

True diameters

Another benefit of Swagelok PTFE hose is that you get the true diameter that you ask for. A lot of hose manufacturers make the hose to an outside diameter specification. But you are running your media through the inside. So while the hose may be sold as quarter-inch, the wall thickness robs you of some of that measurement. Depending on the wall thickness, the loss can mean as much as a 30 percent differential in the flow rate. Swagelok makes these series of PTFE hose to the inside diameter. You get the full quarter inch to work with.

Static dissipation

Static dissipative core tube versions are available for Swagelok PTFE hose. These conductive versions incorporate extruded core tube of PTFE with an inner surface of carbon, often referred to as smooth-bore, carbon black-filled PTFE core. Any electrostatic charges are conducted to the end connection which are subsequently grounded. Electrostatic build-up is prevented. 

Choose the one that's right for your application

Choose from Swagelok X, S, or W Series PTFE Hose.  The X Series hose is a PTFE hose constructed with Swagelok's unique braiding process that bonds a nonconductive fiber braid to the smooth-bore PTFE core to help the core resist kinking and enhance flexibilty with a 304 stainless steel over-braid to protect the core from abrasion and enhance the hose's pressure rating and flexibility. It is commonly used where chemical compatibility and ultra flexibility are desired. 

X Series PTFE Hose resized 600

The S Series PTFE hose is the X Series with a Silicone cover that provides smooth, non-contaminating, easy-to-clean surface and insulation from internal system fluid temperature extremes.  

teflon hose

The W Series PTFE hose is the S Series with an internal insulating wrap that eliminates the need for external insulation in many applications. The W Series comes standard with smooth-bore, carbon black-filled PTFE core for applications that require static dissipation, and your choice of a red, black, blue or white silicone cover.

W Series PTFE Hose 

All of these hoses are available from Swagelok Northern California custom fabricated to the lengths your system requires with a wide variety of end connections to choose from.  If one of these four hoses will not work for your application, take a look at Swagelok's sixteen other hose series to find one that will.  Swagelok Northern California is here to help you find the right hose for your application.  

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