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5 Steps to Selecting the Right Swagelok Hose for Your Fluid System

by Jeff Hopkins, on 3/7/13 8:00 AM

Get a fast-paced 25-minute technical briefing on April 4th at 10am PT from Patrick Werrlein, a Swagelok hose expert who has managed the Swagelok hose product line and led Coreflex LLC

Swagelok Hose Exper
In this technical briefing, Werrlein will cover the 4 main components of a hose, the pros and cons of 5 hose types, 5 key application variables, and 5 steps to picking the right hose. Takeaways include the slide deck and Werrlein's article on hose selection. Learn more »

When hose is the right way to get a fluid from Point A to Point B, it's important to pick the right one. We'll help you do it with a free technical webinar on April 4 at 10 a.m. PT. Our presenter, Patrick Werrlein, will cover important hose terms, application variables, the pros and cons of various types of hose, the four main components of a hose and their importance in selecting a hose. 

Werrlein joined Swagelok in 2008 and has managed hose products for Swagelok. Before that, he was principal of Coreflex LLC, the high-quality hose manufacturer that Swagelok acquired.

"A typical industrial hose is dragged, coiled, run over, kinked and subjected to all kinds of abuse," Werrlein says. "Selection of the proper hose will increase hose life, improve performance, and ensure safety." 

Application variables

Temperature, pressure and flow requirements all come into play when selecting hose.  Another factor is what the hose is made of. You want a material that won't react with the fluids you intend to put through it. Metal, silicone and fluoropolymer cores can each be good performers, depending on the job.

If you are running multiple hoses through a floor or wall, customized tags or color-coded hoses can be important so that can see at a glance what the hose function is, which helps with safety and plant efficiency. Proper identification also allows fast and accurate ordering of replacement hose. These and other aspects of hose selection will all be covered in the technical webinar.


As with all of our live webinars, participants will have an opportunity to ask questions directly after the main presentation. You'll also get the presentation slide deck and a detailed article by Werrlein on hose selection. Learn more »


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