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Swagelok Hose Expert Provides a Tutorial in Hose Selection

by Jeff Hopkins, on 3/13/13 7:30 AM

This excerpt offers a taste of what to expect during our April 4th technical webinar on hose selection

Swagelok hose
Hose selection requires making choices in the four main parts of a hose while paying close attention to the variables in your application. Learn more about hose selection at our April webinar here »

Patrick Werrlein, the presenter at our April 4th webinar on hose selection, has more than two decades of experience in the hose industry to draw on. This excerpt from his article "Choose the Right Hose: A Practical Guide to Hose Selection" will give you a preview of what he will discuss: 

The right hose keeps your process performing safely and cost effectively. The wrong hose could undermine your process, put personnel at risk, and compromise your bottom line – sometimes without you being aware of it. 

For example, an improperly chosen hose may kink. This permanent buckling of the hose disrupts the system media flow and creates a rupture threat. But because kinked hoses are not easily detected, they are in operation throughout industry. 

Four main parts of a hose

Despite its importance, hose selection is often treated as an afterthought. Proper hose selection starts with an understanding of the four main parts of a hose: 

  1. Core tube material and construction
  2. Reinforcement layers
  3. Covers
  4. End connections 

Start with the core tube

The place to start is the core tube, which is the hose’s innermost layer, the one that comes into contact with the system media. When selecting hose, here are some basic questions to answer. You can address these with the help of product catalogs and your sales and service representative.

  1. Is the core tube material chemically compatible with the system media?
  2. Will the material corrode or deteriorate over time?
  3. Can it tolerate the temperature range of the system media?

To get the complete picture on hose selection, attend our technical webinar April 4th at 10am.  You can learn more about it here.


As with all of our live webinars, participants will have an opportunity to ask questions directly after the main presentation. You will also get the presentation slide deck and Werrlein's article on hose selection. Check it out » 


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