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Top 10 Swagelok Northern California Technical Resources

by Jeff Hopkins, on 1/15/14 8:00 AM

Check out the resources that our customers found most valuable last year

This is the best part of my job. Providing resources to our customers that will help them select the right fluid system components for their applications.  Here are our top ten downloaded resources.




Swagelok pressure regulators

New Guide on Selection & Sizing of Pressure Reducing Regulators

Download a guide that demystifies regulator flow curves and explains how to size a pressure reducing regulator using its flow curve.





Swagelok Stainless Steel Tubing 

The Swagelok® Stainless Steel Tubing Catalog and Tubing Data Sheet

Swagelok offers general industrial and high purity stainless steel tubing. The Swagelok Tubing Data Sheet provides suggested allowable working pressure for tubing when used wiht Swagelok® Tube Fittings.




Swagelok tube fittings

Swagelok tube fittings catalog and installer's pocket guide for Swagelok tube fittings 

Both of these are essential resources for anyone working with or designing tubing systems.




Leak Detectors, Lubricants, and Sealants

Browse Swagelok leak detectors, lubricants, and sealants catalog - including PTFE tape 

Here are the products you need to make sure your fitting system is leak tight and gall free. 




swagelok pressure regulator flow curve

Swagelok pressure gauges available from Swagelok Northern California

Swagelok Northern California has pressure gauges for a variety general industrial, process, and sanitary applications: general purpose, miniature, low pressure, safety, reinforced, positionable, panel mount, sanitary.




Swagelok pressure regulator flow curves

Download new technical bulletin on Swagelok pressure reducing regulator flow curves and Flow Control Magazine article 

The flow curve technical bulletin has been expanded from 16 to 80 pages, and the article Pressure Regulator Selection Strategies will assist you in understanding how to choose a regulator.  




Swagelok hose catalog

Swagelok hose and flexible tubing catalog available from Swagelok Northern California 

Hoses for a wide range of applications are custom assemble right here at our Fremont facility.  From stainless steel braided PTFE hose to flexible metal to rubber hose, we have 20 different series of hose and flexible tubing each with options and accessories. 




Swagelok pressure regulators

Webinar: How To Select and Size a Pressure Reducing Regulator 

Get access to the slide deck and video replay of our popular webinar about how to choose a pressure reducting regulator. 




Swagelok valve sizing technical bulletin

Choosing Swagelok valves: Valve Sizing Technical Bulleting and the article, "Matching Valve Type to Function" 

Choosing the right valve is an essential part of a quality fluid system.  These two resources will put you on the path to successful selection.





Technical briefing on pre-engineered subsystems: get the slide deck and access to the webinar video replay 

Tony Waters, a process analyzer expert, discusses the use of standardized subsystems in process analyzer systems can result in quicker installations, easier maintenance, better system performance, and lower overall cost.  

More resources

In 2014, look for continued expansion of the resources available on  


Additional resources

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