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Check Out the Refreshed Swagelok Northern California Website

by Jeff Hopkins, on 2/3/16 8:39 AM

New Year's Day has come and gone, and so has January, and now our old website has come and gone. Check out the refreshed Swagelok Northern California resources website. It is more mobile friendly and resources packed than ever. Check it out at our new URL »

New month, new look, new URL

Now, when you visit Swagelok Northern California online, you'll be able to get more information, get it faster, and see it easily no matter what kind of device you are using.

You can still reach us through, but you will be re-directed to our new URL

Bookmark our new web address:

Continuous improvement

This is really just the latest improvement since we started building up our site content back in 2012. That was the year we launched this blog. That also was when we made note of which written materials were most often requested, and started making them available on our site. We started posting to social media sites too.

Three years is a long time in the tech world. New tools come onto the market, and people adopt new ways of using them. As we kept adding content, we became aware of two challenges.

First, we were adding so much material, the old navigation tools were getting harder to use. You may recall that we had all our available downloads listed in a menu along the left side of the page. The good part was that you could scroll through the entire list. The bad part was that the list got unwieldy. That was the most visible evidence that we needed a new roadmap for our site.

While all that was happening, people were using their mobile devices a lot more. We made the same discovery as every other company with a website: the content didn't always look the same on a smart phone or a computer tablet as it did on a standard desktop computer. Parts of the page showed up in odd places and in odd sizes.

Smoother sailing

Check out the Downloads sectionYou can't really see the biggest change, which is the new technology underlying the site. That's good, because the whole point is for you not to notice. If you are reading this on a desktop, try looking at it on your smart phone. You should find it just as easy to use no matter what device you are using.

We didn't stop there, though. We also wanted to take a step back and make sure our information was presented in the most logical way. We analyzed which parts of our site were most popular, and tried to make them easier to reach. You'll see that in our new navigation bar at the top of the page. Think of it as a new direct flight instead of having to stop over at some other city first.

Quick link icons

A good starting point is the cluster of icons on the home page:


Click the Downloads icon Check out the Downloads section, and you'll arrive to a new section with dozens of educational and buying-related resources: not just catalogs and product test reports, but also slide decks, videos, webinar replays, guides developed by our team here in northern California, and reports to choose from. We add resources just about weekly.

Check out the Downloads section


Products Check out the Product pages  is a new section designed to help you access catalogs, data sheets, and guides by product category. Responding at the Fittings product page, for example, gets you the latest catalogs, data sheets, pocket guides, application guides, instruction cards, and technical bulletins that we have for all the fittings Swagelok has to offer. So now, the information you need for filters, fittings, hoses, leak detectors, measurement devices, miniature modular systems, subsystems, quick-connects, regulators, sample cylinders, tubing, valves and welding systems – can all be found in one place.

Check out the Product pages


The Services Check out the Services section  section gives you quick access to new brochures on 12+ time-saving, money-saving services available to customers of Swagelok Northern California.

Check out the Services section


Our Knowledge Center Check out the Knowledge Center has quick links to other resources on the website including Steam System Best Practices, Tech Tip Videos, Webinars and more.

Check out the Knowledge Center


Click the Industries icon Check out the Industries section on the home page and you’ll see what Swagelok offers pros in your field. Whether you are in alternative energy, semiconductors, power, life science or any of several other industries, you get the most relevant videos, products, services, etc. in one place. Keep checking those industry pages, because they are going to keep growing over time.


Continuous improvement

This isn't the end of our list of improvements. In fact, it's only the beginning. Technology will continue to evolve, our content will continue to grow, and Swagelok will continue to set new standards for fluid system components. Come back often to see what's new.

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