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Deliver Samples Quickly With A Grab Sample Module

by Jeff Hopkins, on 9/25/18 9:00 AM

Our single-handle design can be customized for your particular process needs

"Your analytical instrumentation system can't give you reliable results unless you give it a good sample. With a Swagelok grab sample panel, you'll be off to a good start."

- Jeff Hopkins, Swagelok Northern California 

To get a good analysis of what's in your process line, you need to deliver a good sample to the lab quickly and safely. An open bottle won't do. Some chemicals will evaporate or fractionate if the sample isn't extracted and kept under pressure. To do that, and to do it right, you need Swagelok's grab sample modules to transfer representative gas or liquid sample from pipelines, tanks or systems.


The single-handle design makes operation simple. Our modules use Swagelok's 40 Series ball valves to direct the sample flow. They are geared together so that you get single-handle operation when you need to switch from "off" to "sample" or "vent." We have both two-valve and three-valve configurations available. You don't have to worry about opening and closing multiple valves in the proper sequence.

The sample is contained in a metal cylinder that maintains the line pressure. To help safeguard an operator, a dual needle design with a spring return delivery valve delivers the sample only when the cylinder is seated and vented appropriately.



Standard Grab Sample Gas Panel (Animation)


The best part about Swagelok grab sample modules is that we build them right here in Northern California. We have some standard configurations available, but you also have the option to modify the layouts to suit your needs. We can help you figure out what design will work best for you. We know how to make the necessary pressure-drop calculations and figure out the time delays to know how the instruments will affect the process. If you need a cooler in the module (recommended when the supply temperature exceeds 60ºC) we know how to select the appropriate size for your application.

We offer a purge option for chemicals that may leave a residue or contaminate lines if not flushed from the system. The purge option allows you to introduce air, solvent or other fluid to clean the lines.



Standard Grab Sample Gas Panel with Purge (Animation)

If you need a flowmeter, relief valves, check valves or expansion chambers, we can add them with no fuss. (We put the whole assembly into an enclosure, and you can choose whether you'd like the tubing on the front or in the back.)

Your analytical instrumentation system can't give you reliable results unless you give it a good sample. With a Swagelok grab sample panel, you'll be off to a good start.

Tell us what you need for your sample system, either through our website or by calling 510-933-6200, and we can start working on a Grab Sample Module configuration that's right for you.

Grab Sampling Systems App Guide MS-02-479-1 

Swagelok Grab Sampling Systems Application Guide (Catalog)

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