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FAQ: Where are the CAD templates?

by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/10/18 8:30 AM

Jump to resources that dramatically reduce the time to produce technical and installation drawings

"With a pencil sketch in hand, they quickly crafted a clean CAD plan, from which they could roll through a series of iterations." 

- Excerpt from "Meeting a Thermocouple Design...Challenge", Swagelok Northern California

Use the CAD file library

Here's where to find our CAD file library:

CAD File Library ›

Our CAD File Library is now a fully mobile-ready platform, so you don't need a mobile app anymore, and you don't need Java to render the visual model before it can be downloaded. Plus the user interface has been enhanced, making it easier to search, select and source the CAD data you are looking for. The library is faster now at processing and rendering, too. And the use of Swagelok product images which makes the CAD platform more consistent with the website.

Swagelok's downloadable sales drawings provide precise, ready-to-use dimensional and installation information. Get extensive sizing information including length, diameter, and end connections; ensure you have the correct order numbers and unique product identifiers.

Or, tap our local engineering team

If you'd like a hand, consider using our Application Support Services (aka "Help Me Choose").

Help Me Choose ›

Example: one time a producer of chemicals and specialty components for the semiconductor industry was dealing with a thermocouple assembly challenge. The in-house team was able to provide a rough pencil sketch ("Before") of the basic design needed for their system, but they had no precise design, components, or engineering available to support it.



Swagelok Northern California’s in-house engineering team got to work immediately. With a pencil sketch in hand, they quickly crafted a clean CAD plan ("After"), from which they could roll through a series of refinements and iterations.

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