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Find The Right Swagelok Pressure Regulator For The Job

by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/11/17 9:00 AM

Get information on Swagelok pressure regulators including Swagelok's Technical Bulletin on pressure reducing regulator flow curves, and all Swagelok catalogs on pressure regulators at 


Pay special attention to the flow curves for each regulator



There's a lot going on inside a pressure regulator. It is always adjusting itself as it reacts to the processes going on around it. There's also a lot that goes into picking the right regulator for a particular job, because each model is designed to perform best within certain pressure ranges.

That's why, in addition to offering catalogs on regulators, we also make a big deal about flow curves. That's a simple graph that shows how a given regulator will handle different flow rates at a given set pressure. It's the best way to discover the regulator’s range of capabilities at one glance.

Don't worry if it sounds complicated. We have all the expertise you need to guide you.

Fill a single form and you'll get Swagelok's Technical Bulletin on pressure reducing regulator flow curves, and all Swagelok catalogs on pressure regulators, including back-pressure dome-loaded; back-pressure spring-loaded; pressure-reducing dome-loaded; pressure-reducing spring-loaded; high purity; sanitary; and tank-blanketing regulators. All you have to do is click here.

Here's the lineup:

K Series

The K Series includes 17 different models of pressure-reducing, back-pressure and specialty regulators such as our cylinder changeover model and vaporizing models. You can order them in a wide variety of configurations. They come in stainless steel, brass or special alloys, with different pressure control ranges, different kinds of ports, different seat materials, and a few other options.

RHPS Series

This is our line of high-flow regulators. They have been designed to support applications in the chemical/petrochemical, oil and gas, power, biopharmaceutical, semiconductor, and alternative fuels industries. The series includes pressure-reducing regulators, back-pressure regulators, dome loaded regulators, and specialty regulators for applications such as tank blanketing.

KCA Series

The Swagelok KCA series continuous gas delivery system automatically switches between sources to extend gas supply. When one source is depleted below a selected changeover pressure, the continuous gas delivery system automatically switches to a back-up supply. The depleted source can then be changed, in-line, without downtime.

HF Series

Our high-flow, manual gas regulators for ultrahigh purity applications. Made of 316L VIM-VAR stainless steel, it handles flow rates up to 200 std L/min, and maximum inlet pressures up to 500 psig (34.4 bar). The manually adjustable outlet pressure can be set for up to 150 psig (10.3 bar). 

Quick-Turn Regulator Assemblies

Need a bottle or in-line pressure regulator assembly fast? Our quick-turn regulator assembly program is designed to meet the need of our most quoted pressure regulator configurations. Download our pressure regulator assembly catalog to learn more. 

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