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Save Energy, Money and Time with a Swagelok Survey

by Jeff Hopkins, on 10/18/17 8:30 AM

We’ll come to your site with the tools needed to spot leaks in your fluid system


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Every leak wastes money

It takes energy to compress air, or turn water into steam, or keep hydraulic fluid under pressure. That means any leak in your fluid system is an energy leak. And because energy isn't free, every leak wastes money as well as fluid.

To put it in perspective, in a facility using compressed air at 100 psig with electricity consumption cost of 6 cents per kilowatt-hour, a few small leaks can add up to more than $22,000 per year in energy and utility costs.

It makes sense, then, to search out those leaks and tag them so you can fix them. But if your company is already trying to do more with less, it's not easy to carve out the time and resources necessary to do the job the way you would always like. What you may need is an outside expert with the proper tools and expertise to help.

Swagelok is the expert, and our tool is the Energy Emissions Survey. Swagelok has conducted over 350,000 emissions surveys around the world in our customers' facilities, those using both Swagelok and other manufacturers' fittings.

Free checkup

At no charge to our customers, Swagelok Northern California will send trained Energy Management Specialists to your facility to measure energy loss from your air, gas, steam, and/or hydraulics systems (up to 250 fitting connections).

With the help of Snoop, a leak detection product from Swagelok, we visually test fitting connections for leaks. It is ideal when there are multiple end connections to test (preferably at least 100 tube fitting connections). 


A few small leaks can add up to more than $22,000 per year in energy and utility costs!


Tag and report

We'll tag each leak, then give you a free report estimating the cost of the lost energy - and lost profits.

With this important information, you will be in a stronger position to make decision about how to manage your fluid system. 

This will help you:

  • Detect small leaks before they become big ones
  • Document energy savings opportunities
  • Reduce downtime
  • Lower overall system costs
  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Increase plant safety and efficiency

Paid checkup

If you like our free checkup, for an additional fee, we can do a more extensive energy emissions survey, examine more of your systems for leaks, potential safety hazards, misapplication of components, excessive wear and damage. 

We can also assist in testing systems that operate under vacuum. Our ultrasonic leak detection equipment is sensitive enough to detect small leaks from a distance. We can estimate the rate of loss and calculate these losses, too. Learn more about our Compressed Gas Leak Detection Program and other Energy Management Services.

Tap into our experience

Swagelok has 70 years of experience in fluid systems, and we hate leaks.

Providing high-quality components is only part of our job. We also want to make sure you get the most out of them.

So call us at 510-933-6200 or contact us through our website to sign up for a free Energy Emissions Survey.

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