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Swagelok in Action: Find a Reliable Partner to Avoid Assembly Risks and Costs

by Jeff Hopkins, on 8/3/16, 8:00 AM

Every Swagelok assembly is crafted with exact specifications, high quality, and truly dedicated service. Since 1963, our team has worked to be one of the industry’s most reliable partners, helping to save time and money, reducing excess waste, and offering peace of mind to customers both large and small.

Partnering to Create Custom Regulator Assemblies

Our Assembly Solutions are as varied as our customers and the specifications they request. From inert gas management to point-of-use pressure controls, we provide both the reliability and versatility necessary to solve any problem. We’ve worked on a wide range of past projects, including jobs involving:

Gas Bottle Pressure RegulatorPrecise Specifications

A customer needed a pressure regulator assembly with both upstream and downstream pressure gauges. They also required a CGA inlet connection and two outlet ports  one with an isolation valve and the other without valving. The Swagelok Northern California team manufactured a solution to meet the full set of requested specs.

Inert Gas ManagementInert Gas Management

A fairly typical industry solution, this pressure regulator assembly is engineered specifically to manage inert gases. It includes a CGA inlet connection, upstream and down-stream pressure gauges, an isolation valve, and a pressure relief valve.

Point of Use Pressure ControlPoint-of-Use Pressure Control

Manufactured with high-performance Swagelok tube fittings, this pressure regulator assembly is engineered for point-of-use pressure control. Designed with customer specifications in mind, it includes both upstream and downstream pressure gauges.

Combined Components

Sometimes, the best assembly solution is a result of Swagelok parts supported by third-party components. In the case of this high-purity pressure regulator assembly, the baseplate utilized Swagelok tube supports to reduce side load on the fittings after installation within the customer’s existing system.

High Purity Pressure Regulator Panel

Assembly_Solutions_eBook_Cover.jpgSwagelok Assembly Solutions 

The Swagelok Northern California team believes in being a truly dedicated partner  improved efficiency, greater flexibility, and a faster response time are just the beginning of working with us. We pride ourselves on engineering expertise, global capabilities, and providing the peace of mind that comes with taking work off your desk. To learn more about Swagelok Assembly Solutions and how to avoid some of the most common risks and costs associated with them download our eBook today.
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