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Back Pressure Regulator Questions and Answers

Extra information our webinar audience wanted from field engineer Eric Kayla 

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Last Chance to Preview & Register for Today's Back Pressure Regulator Webinar

Swagelok Northern California's "Back Pressure Regulators Made Simple" presented by Eric Kayla is live today at 10am 

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Pressure Regulator Webinar series: Feedback from attendees

Eric Kayla returns on Aug. 22 for 'Back Pressure Regulators Made Simple'

Readers who have benefited from previous regulator webinars don't need to be sold on the expertise of field engineer Eric Kayla. He's one of Swagelok's roving experts on regulators, covering the western portions of three countries as he meets with customers and discusses their needs. But for those of you who have yet to tap into his expertise, here are some comments from attendees of previous Kayla presentations:

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5x Detail in New Technical Bulletin on Pressure Regulator Flow Curves

Bulletin expanded from 16 to 80 pages; now covers nitrogen based flow curves for 8 series of Swagelok pressure reducing regulators

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8/22: Inside Swagelok Back Pressure Regulators with Eric Kayla

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