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Our Customer Briefing Center Is Waiting For You

There's a special room at Swagelok Northern California, right across the hall from a room where we do customer training. We call this special room our Customer Briefing Center. If you thought that Swagelok was just about valves and fittings, your jaw will drop when you see what we have waiting for you in the CBC.

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Swagelok Custom Solutions: Seeing Is Believing

Learn more about more about Swagelok Custom Solutions by watching our new video and downloading our handbook at http://northerncal.swagelok.com/custom-solutions 

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Swagelok Services: Swagelok Assembly Solutions Fabricates Assemblies, Subsystems, and More

Learn more about more about Swagelok Assembly Solutions and get our Assembly Solutions handbook at http://northerncal.swagelok.com/assembly-solutions 

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Join Forces With Swagelok Northern California To Conquer Space

Learn more about the Swagelok Tube Fitting Assembly Toolkit and the Swagelok Tube Fitter's Toolbox and download their brochures at http://northerncal.swagelok.com/fitting-assembly-tools

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