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Mechanical Seal Support Systems Save Time And Money

by Jeff Hopkins, on 9/11/19 9:00 AM

If a seal goes down, an entire process can go down

"Innovative design features make maintenance easier."

- From Mechanical seal support systems help reduce costs (Video Below)

Swagelok doesn't make pumps or mechanical seals, but we do have 70 years of expertise in fluid systems themselves. One of the areas where we bring that expertise is mechanical seal support. 

LeakpointsIf a seal goes down, an entire process can go down. Obviously that's an extra, unwanted cost for the customer. 

Our customers have told us time and again that elimination of leak points is critical for mechanical seal support. Having fewer leak points not only increases the reliability of the system, but it reduces the time needed to audit those connections. 

Special products

Based on customer feedback, we developed several products to address their specific needs. 

  • Our extended metal connector eliminates multiple possible leak points. This simple fitting allows for a one-piece transition from the connection at the mechanical seal, out past the shroud, to the tubing system. 
  • Orifices are common installations in flush plants. Our customers needed an easy way to go from a flange to tubing with one piece. So we developed the flange adapter. But we also took the extra step of adding the orifice directly into the flange itself, eliminating the need for another connection or gasket for an orifice plate.
  • Installation of thermometers can be an issue. Orienting the right pipe fittings for a long-stem thermometer can require extra connections and lead to bulky assemblies. The Swagelok Thermowell T is small and compact, and is welded at the factory to eliminate a potential leak point. This lightweight assembly makes installing thermometers a breeze.


When designing these seal support systems, Swagelok kept a number of things in mind. At the top of the list was maintainablity. For example, wherever possible we use U-shaped tubes, allowing components to be removed from the systems without too much trouble. 

Another example is using bypass lines on filters. When the filter element needs to be cleaned out or replaced, the flow can be diverted around the filter without stopping the flow through the system. 

We also offer customers not just the entire seal support system (such as a seal pot on a stand), but also a connection kit. Seal support kits reduce installation errors and the potential for costly rework. Having the kits and seal support systems available with just a single part number allows for ease of ordering and ease of maintainability within the customer's business systems. 

Critical spares such as the fittings — or even entire seal support systems — can be stocked locally. When you need them, you can have them right away.

We have a short video that illustrates the products and designs we've described in this post.

Just ask

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