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Back To Basics: Rubber Hose Gets The Job Done Simply At Lower Cost

by Jeff Hopkins, on 2/20/19 2:00 PM

For lower pressure and less critical applications, rubber hose is often a cost effective solution

"Keep in mind that working pressures lower as system media increases in temperature."

- From Swagelok Tech Clip Video - Rubber Hose (Below)

Rubber hose has long been a favorite in many industries. Used with push-on hose end connections and hose clamps, rubber hose is often a cost effective solution for many lower pressure and less critical applications.

We've produced a two-minute video to give you a quick overview of Swagelok's PB Series rubber hose. Click on the time stamps in this blog post, and you can go straight to the part of the video being discussed, or watch the video embedded below. 

Swagelok’s PB Series rubber hose (0:26) is a great choice for general-purpose applications including compressed air, water cooling, and oil transfer. It is manufactured with an internal fiber reinforcement (0:34) that enhances its pressure rating, helps promote flexibility, and ensures connection retention.

No clamps needed

Swagelok PB series hose and Swagelok PB push-on hose end connections have been specifically designed to be used together without hose clamps. (0:44) This will alleviate any concern you may have over possible exterior or interior hose damage or leakage that could be caused by the use of hose clamps. And it removes the extra time and expense added by the use of unnecessary hose clamps.

We do not recommend using other manufacturer’s push-on hose end connections with Swagelok PB Series Hose. We cannot guarantee that their designs, choice of materials or manufacturing tolerances will result in the same robust performance you can rely on with Swagelok PB series hose and Swagelok PB hose end connections.

Swagelok PB Series Rubber Hose is available in ¼, 3/8, 1/2, ¾, and 1 Inch nominal hose sizes (1:22)

with a combination of end connections including Swagelok Tube Fittings, Swagelok Tube Adapters, Male NPT Threads, and Male ISO/BSP Tapered Threads. (1:27)

Working pressures range from 350 PSIG for 1/4 inch hose to 300 PSIG for all other sizes. (1:37) Keep in mind that working pressures lower as system media increases in temperature.

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Colorful combos 

The standard PB Series Hose color is blue, but you can also get the hose in black, gray, green, red, or yellow. A common fluid system best practice is to color code hoses using blue for cold fluids and red for hot fluids. (1:49)

Optional Nitrogen Pressure testing or hydrostatic testing are available (2:03) as well as lanyard tags for on hose identification. (2:07)

We've produced this two-minute video to give you a quick overview of rubber hose.  


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