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Swagelok Hose Assembly Video Shows Swagelok Hose Technicians at Work

by Jeff Hopkins, on 11/10/16 8:15 AM

Get an inside look at how we manufacture Swagelok hose assemblies to your specifications


At Swagelok Northern California, get the right hose at the right time with Swagelok quality and assembled locally to your specifications, including end connections, testing, labeling, packaging, delivery, and the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty. To learn more, watch the video - Swagelok - The Right Hose with the Right End Connections >> 


Did you know we assemble Swagelok hose right here in Northern California? Thanks to our new video, it takes only a couple of minutes to get an inside look at how it's done. Whether we are assembling one piece or hundreds to your specifications, the process is basically the same.

Our video shows a certified hose technician using a variety of specialized tools to create exactly the length and combination of end connections that the customer wants. You'll see how we measure hose, cut it, attach end connections, pressure-test the completed hose, document what we've done, and package the product.

Dedicated space

Swagelok Northern California has three full-time assemblers building hose in a 1,200-square-foot shop dedicated for just that job. We assemble thousands of hoses each year.

Because we do the work ourselves, we can go beyond the service levels typical of other hose shops. For instance, we test 100 percent of the hoses we make, even when we aren't required to provide a test certificate. We can do a hydrostatic test, an immersion test, and pressure decay testing. Because we document every step, we can trace each individual hose back to the original assembler if the need ever arises.


Watch our new video: "Swagelok - The Right Hose with the Right End Connections" to get an inside look at our unique combination of Swagelok quality and local assembly


Certified skill

We don't let just any of our employees work in the hose shop. All of our assemblers are certified by Swagelok manufacturing engineers. To pass their training class, they have to produce three samples of every kind of hose we build. That's about 40 different hoses in all. Then each one is put through destructive testing.

You'll see some of the equipment in the video. Whether it's a hand tool or complex automated equipment, the assemblers have to know what they are doing to get good results. That includes being able to read drawings and make accurate calculations to account for crimp collar shrinkage and other tolerances.

Wrapping it up

Also notice in the video that the individual hose is bagged for delivery. We never bulk-bag our hose orders, because we assume that our customers use the hoses individually. We'll even double-bag the hoses if needed, such as when the hose needs one bag to get it safely to the customer, and a second to take it into a clean room.

If you didn't catch all those details when you watched the video the first time, take a second look. It takes only a few minutes. 


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