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Stop Squinting at Your Pressure Gauges and Thermometers

by Jeff Hopkins, on 3/13/19 8:45 AM


Our new illuminated gauge and thermometer faces are easy to read in low-light environments

"There's not much point in having a gauge or a thermometer if you can't read the numbers. If they're difficult to read, you increase the chance of getting the numbers wrong."

- Swagelok Northern California 


Wouldn't it be nice if every pressure gauge and thermometer were right at eye level, in a bright room, where you could read the numbers at a glance? Nice, but not always reality. In real life, some components are tucked behind machinery and ductwork, in limited-access areas, and in places with poor lighting. You may even have to peer through clouds of steam to see them, or it may not be physically possible to get close.

We can help. Swagelok now offers two new, unique gauge faces with illumination options and larger numerals.

Take your pick

Option 1 

A retro-reflective material on the dial face. This fluorescent color absorbs non-visual UV light, reflecting additional light and making the gauge more visible. You can order it in white, fluorescent orange or fluorescent green. (Image below)

Fluorescent Gauge

Option 2

A retro-reflective, photo-luminescent dial design that illuminates the entire front of the instrument dial for an extended time after being exposed to a light source for as little as 10 seconds. The gauge appears white when not illuminated. (Image below)

Glow Gauge

Option 1 requires a light source such as a flashlight for the gauge face to be reflective. Option 2 gauge faces will remain visible in the dark for an extended time even after the light source is removed.

These face options are available on gauge models 115P, 160P, 63C and 100C, and on thermometer models T48 and T80.

There's not much point in having a gauge or a thermometer if you can't read the numbers.  If they're difficult to read, you increase the chance of getting the numbers wrong. Stop squinting and give your eyes a break.

Illuminated dial compared to standard dial in low light

Illumintated Gauge vs Standard Gauge

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