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Swagelok for The Food, Beverage, and Dairy Industry

by Jeff Hopkins, on 2/17/16 7:30 AM

We help companies in the food, beverage and dairy industries achieve the highest purity levels and meet the toughest sanitation requirements. Get selected resources for Food, Beverage, Dairy industry pros here »

When you need purity and face the toughest sanitation requirements, choose Swagelok


Resources for food, beverage, and dairy pros

From pasteurization, sterilization, and preservation to bottling, packaging, steaming, and cleaning, Swagelok fluid system products and solutions support the highly specialized needs of food, beverage, and dairy applications. Let's look at a few examples from our catalogs.

Tank Blanketing Pressure Regulators

When products need to be kept away from oxygen, moisture and other contaminants in the air, the obvious answer is to replace the air at the top of the tank with a “blanket” or “pad” of inert gas such as nitrogen. The pressure of the blanketing gas is slightly higher than atmospheric pressure. Less than 1 PSI can do the trick. There are several options for letting out the excess gas. One is a simple conservation vent, basically a tube with a flap on the end. For some types of fluids, a relief valve might be a better choice. The third option is a tank-blanketing back-pressure regulator.

Together, these components not only help protect the contents of the tank, they help protect the tank itself by preventing corrosion and extending useful life. By maintaining a constant pressure inside the tank, they help prevent rupture or collapse.

Sanitary Pressure Regulators

Swagelok sanitary pressure regulators include the PRS series, a pressure-reducing regulator, and the TBRS series, a tank blanketing regulator. These sanitary regulators are designed for pressures up to 232 psig (16.0 bar) and are available with sanitary clamp end connections. The PRS series pressure regulator features a handle knob for pressure adjustment; the TBRS series tank blanketing regulator has an adjusting screw for pressure adjustment. Both series are compliant with FDA/USP Class VI and feature 316L stainless steel metal components and EPDM seals.

Energy Management Services

It takes special expertise to keep a steam system safe and reliable. Expertise that gets harder to find with each passing year as more people retire. Fortunately, you can still find it at Swagelok Northern California.

An easy way to explore our energy management services is with a free phone consultation. We can tell you about our steam evaluations, how to calculate the true cost of steam, and help identify which areas of your steam system need some help. Then you may want an on-site visit from a Swagelok engineer. He can look at a specific problem, such as a valve that keeps failing for unknown reasons. Or it might involve steam traps, leak detection, or an evaluation of your condensate system. You'll get a report on how to fix the specific problem, plus suggestions about what else to look for in your system and a roadmap for how to implement the recommendations. It is a chance to open a window into your steam system and uncover cost savings, explore opportunities for improvement and gain from the experience and capabilities that our engineers bring to the table.

Steam System Optimization Training

We're also glad to pass some of our expertise on to you. Our training in Food & Beverage Steam System Reliability, Safety, and Optimization reviews all aspects of a food/beverage steam system. You'll get a solid understanding of steam system management, including topics such as process hot water systems, CIP systems, steam quality, flash steam recovery, steam and condensate piping, heat transfer, safety, and steam system mass balancing. Attendees work in groups to accomplish different tasks relating to a steam system.

When your processes involve any kind of food, there's no room for compromise. Swagelok Northern California will help you keep your systems at peak performance.

Get selected resources for Food, Beverage, Dairy industry pros here »

Let us know what other fluid system resources we could provide to help you do your job in the comment section below.


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