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Swagelok Video: Making Hose to Order

by Jeff Hopkins, on 3/1/18 8:30 AM

Every hose is a custom length; mix and match end connections; all with fast turnaround time

Each assembly technician is certified by Swagelok manufacturing engineers. To pass their tests, they have to produce three samples of every kind of hose--about 40 different hoses in all.

- Jeff Hopkins, Swagelok Northern California

Hose, My Way    Get hose built your  way from Swagelok  Northern California ›Take 22 different hose types, match them up with 89 different types of end connections, and you'll have a nearly endless list of solutions for a wide variety of fluid applications. That's what our certified hose technicians can do for you right at Swagelok Northern California.

If you'd like to see what the process looks like, watch the Swagelok video below. Our technicians make it look easy because we have the right tools, an extensive inventory of components, and a well-designed workspace.

Hose My Way ›

The right mix

The right hose, with the right end connections, keeps a process performing safely and cost effectively. You may need a hose made of materials that can withstand extremely hot or cold temperatures, either inside the hose or in the surrounding environment. You may need a hose that can handle a specific pressure or vacuum. You may have fluids that would corrode one type of hose material but have no effect on another.

Depending on your specific application, we can assemble metal, PTFE, PFA, vinyl, nylon, polyethylene and rubber core hoses, as well as flexible metal. We can handle custom fabrication from small and simple order to large and complex ones, all cut to the length you need.

We inspect each end connection visually and by measurement. Then we pressure test every hose we make. You'll get a pressure test certificate packed with each hose. We cap or bag every hose to make sure no contaminants get inside. All you have to do when you receive the hose is install it.

Tag and go

A tag can also be an important component of a hose. Tags can show the type and construction of the hose, the fluid inside, installation dates, testing dates, maintenance schedules and more. Tagging simplifies recordkeeping and helps you meet safety requirements. If you choose our perma tags, your information will withstand most cleaning methods, including autoclaving.

Swagelok Northern California is one of 40 Swagelok hose assembly and test centers around the world. That's a great asset to have right in your own back yard. Once you have watched the video, let's talk about which combination of hose, end connection and tagging will do the best job for you

What's next: Visit our Hose Assembly ("Hose My Way") page and/or request our new Hose Pocket Guide:

Hose Assembly › Get a Hose Pocket Guide ›

(Prefer to talk live? Please give us a call at 510-933-6200.)

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We perform under pressure

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