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5 Reasons Northern California Oil & Gas Companies Choose Us and You Should Too

by Jeff Hopkins, on 5/24/18 8:30 AM

Extraordinary corrosion resistance is just the beginning

“These are customers operating in arguably the world's toughest industry. Their requirements around safety, environment, regulations, and more are unique. Our job is to exactly meet their needs.

- Jeff Hopkins, Swagelok Northern California


Feeling confident that your systems will perform, even in the most demanding locations, involves not only product design but also materials of construction, application-specific corrosion issues, and unique oil field environments. That's why Swagelok's materials scientists and engineers are dedicated to researching oil and gas applications. Our customers choose from super duplex stainless steel, nickel alloys, and more.

But the corrosion resistance of Swagelok components is only one reason to work with Swagelok Northern California. View detail and take a PDF about our value proposition for oil & gas.

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Considerations that lead oil and gas companies to choose Swagelok include:

  1. Corrosion resistance. Highest quality fluid system components, including materials of construction (eg super duplex stainless steel)
  2. Expertise. Consultation on corrosion, leaks, safety concerns, process and system accuracy, energy use, hose maintenance, and more.
  3. Breadth. Sizes up to two inches for instrumentation and conveyance, each with the industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  4. Training. Certified experts lead hands-on seminars on safe fitting installation and other topics
  5. Assemblies. From simple hose + end connection to complete panels or enclosures, per your plan or a new one. Pre-tested and warrantied.

Training that pays for itself

The page you'll reach after the jump has alot more information about each item above. But let's take training as one example of a key factor in choosing a supplier-partner:

Reductions in human error quickly pay off. To make sure it’s done right, a first-rate training program can introduce a consistent approach and uphold standards across your organization. Our training programs cover:

  • Sampling system maintenance and design
  • Tube fitting installation and inspection
  • Tube bending
  • Hose essentials
  • Orbital welding
  • Cone and thread installation (for medium and high pressure)

Upcoming Training Events › Training Services Overview ›

Process Analyzer Sampling System Training

Our PASS Class is a great example of how training can quickly pay off.

Swagelok prepares process analytical engineers, technicians, and maintenance personnel to catch mistakes before they happen. Your team practices spotting problems in installed systems, fine-tuning performance, and providing a timely, truly representative result.

Analytical Instrumentation training covers most everything a learner needs to know about process analyzer systems—from basic chemistry through sampling system design and build, all the way to system troubleshooting and optimization.

What's next: Visit our page about Oil & Gas Application Support to learn more and get a PDF (ungated -- no form to fill). Then talk with us about your applications. We are here to help you address all the variables.

Application Support for Oil & Gas › Contact Us ›

(Prefer to talk live? Please give us a call at 510-933-6200.)

More on how we support specific industries:

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