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Swagelok Hose Tech Tip: Selecting the correct hose end connection

The right Swagelok hose with the right end connection will keep your process performing safely and cost effectively

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Swagelok Hose Blog Round-up: Have You Missed Any of These Posts?

Make sure you are getting the full picture on Swagelok hose through these blogs and our upcoming webinar on hose selection

In our upcoming webinar on hose selection, Patrick Werrlein will explain the importance of proper hose selection and show you how to do it in five steps. Takeaways include the presentation slide deck and Werrlein's article on hose selection. Learn more »
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Swagelok Hose Expert Provides a Tutorial in Hose Selection

This excerpt offers a taste of what to expect during our April 4th technical webinar on hose selection

Hose selection requires making choices in the four main parts of a hose while paying close attention to the variables in your application. Learn more about hose selection at our April webinar  here »
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5 Steps to Selecting the Right Swagelok Hose for Your Fluid System

Get a fast-paced 25-minute technical briefing on April 4th at 10am PT from Patrick Werrlein, a Swagelok hose expert who has managed the Swagelok hose product line and led Coreflex LLC

In this technical briefing, Werrlein will cover the 4 main components of a hose, the pros and cons of 5 hose types, 5 key application variables, and 5 steps to picking the right hose. Takeaways include the slide deck and Werrlein's article on hose selection. Learn more »
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